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5 Reasons to Travel Carry on Luggage Only

Updated on August 15, 2013

Why Travel Hand Luggage Only?

Travelling with just carry on luggage offers a vast array of benefits in a time with greedy airlines and high checked baggage fees from most airlines and normally on all budget airlines. To combat this you can travel with less and lighter by just using cabin bags.

Anyway, let`s get to the advantages of using just hand luggage on your next flight and why you should try it.

Take Less Luggage

Taking less luggage and using hand luggage only offers many benefits.
Taking less luggage and using hand luggage only offers many benefits. | Source

Reason 1 - Cheaper

As many of you will know you can save a lot of money by using cabin bags only due to high checked baggage fees on popular airlines like EasyJet and Ryanair (sometimes, more than the initial flight costs!) By taking cabin bags you can easily save around £50 on every flight - which certainly adds up!

Therefore, it is economical and this may be enough to convince you to this new one cabin bag world.

Do You Travel With Just Hand Luggage?

Do you travel cabin baggage only or do you use checked luggage?

See results

Reason 2 - Less Stressful

It is significantly less stressful if you travel with just cabin bags.

No more:

  • Queues to check in luggage
  • No waiting at the carousel once you arrive
  • Bags appearing in Australia while you wanted to fly to New York
  • Stupid baggage handlers cannot throw your bag around

Reason 3 - No Lost or Stolen Luggage

Simple really - your luggage cannot be lost by clumsy baggage handlers or damaged by them throwing your bags around. Your luggage is safer and it`s fate is in your own hands - literally!

Similarly, your luggage cannot be stolen at the carousel.

Reason 4 - Quicker

Fly through the terminals.

No need to queue at the desk with one lazy, demotivated member of staff trying to check in 100 suitcases to go in the hold.

No baggage queues.

No waiting at the end of a long, annoying flight.

Just go

Reason 5 - Environmentally Friendly

Some will dismiss this but by taking less you really are helping the environment and I understand many may not care about this - just think of the previous 4 reasons!

By taking less the plane uses less petrol, you should end up buying less rubbish made from China and the planet Earth will look on at you with a fond face, possibly repaying you by making the Sun shine a bit more and ending that torrential rain that seems to follow you on your travels. It`s called Karma.

It reduces petrol usage and even CO2 emissions.

So yeah!


By travelling cabin baggage only you will find it is:

  • Cheaper
  • Less stress
  • No lost/stolen luggage
  • Quicker
  • Environmentally friendly

So why not try travelling hand luggage only next time you fly?


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