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5 great hotels near Vancouver airport

Updated on April 20, 2016

More about the best hotels near Vancouver airport?

Why do you need a list about the best airport near Vancouver airport? Excellent question.

We hope this list will help tourists and visitors to Vancouver who are looking for reliable accommodation near Vancouver airport. It can be hard to know what to expect without being here in Vancouver.

The list of the top 5 Vancouver airport hotels was created by VancityAsks from a local's perspective. It's intended to be a quick reference resource for people searching for hotels near Vancouver airport regardless of their purpose for the visit.

- If you're looking for the best value hotel as a tourist (affordable, clean, and comfortable) we've highlighted the BEST for you with considerations to (1) service (2) location (3) value.

- If you're looking for the best luxury hotel near Vancouver airport, we've picked the BEST for you base on (1) experience (2) service (3) amenities.

- If you're looking for the best business hotel near Vancouver airport, we've also picked the BEST for you with considerations to (1) location/convenience (2) service (3) amenities.

Effectively we hope by sharing our first hand experience about many Vancouver airport hotels, it'll be a useful to visitors and locals (who are hoping to rest at the hotel on their departure or arrival) with understanding what the hotel is truly like beyond the promotional text on their website.

It is also a way of highlighting excellence in service at these Vancouver airport hotels and ensure the team is properly recognized for their great product/service. Take a look at the YVR website for hotel airport shuttle service list, and you'll notice there are 20 choices from your selection, we hope to help you choose the right hotel for you.

The Fairmont @ YVR

Just look at that artistic view! Your room has full glass windows for view of the runway or the mountains (depending on facing).
Just look at that artistic view! Your room has full glass windows for view of the runway or the mountains (depending on facing). | Source

#1 Best Hotel near Vancouver Airport

What's the BEST hotel near Vancouver airport? If you're not concerned about budget, the Fairmont Vancouver Airport hotel is undoubtedly the best hotel near Vancouver's actually inside Vancouver international airport.

The Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel is your pick if you're looking for luxurious environment, great service, and even better rooms.

Location - 10/10. This YVR hotel is located right inside Vancouver's international airport hotel. The entrance is towards trans-boarder counters at YVR; there's also a separate entrance to the Fairmont YVR right besides the YVR airport. It's a great location when looking for hotels near Vancouver airport; regarding to it's location with accessibility to Vancouver downtown, you would be looking at a 20 minutes Skytrain (Canada line) ride to downtown.

If you were looking for a staycation, the Fairmont YVR would be a great option.

Service - Service is impeccable depending on the service personnel but across the board, guest experiences have been positive. Be pampered in their spa at the Fairmont Vancouver airport.

Rooms - Rooms at the Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel are very similar to other four star hotels you've experienced. Features includes a coffee marker, ironing board, and luxurious bed. Read here for the type of rooms available at the Fairmont YVR.

Amenities - The Fairmont YVR features several amenities. Depending on your room type, you'll also have access to the Plaza Premium lounges on departure at YVR airport. At the Fairmont YVR, you'll have a fitness room, Absolute spa, award winning restaurant (Globe @ YVR), Jetside Bar, as well as a business center and spacious lounge all located within YVR.

Be prepared to spend $300-$500 per night depending on the season at Fairmont Vancouver airport hotel. There are several packages that include dining at the infamous Globe@YVR restaurant. It will be a memorable experience no doubt.

the hotel at RiverRock Casino Resort

Amazing amenities for a four-star hotel near Vancouver airport.
Amazing amenities for a four-star hotel near Vancouver airport. | Source

#2 BEST YVR Hotel

"the hotel" at River Rock Resort Casino takes the #2 place for the best hotel near Vancouver airport. It's listed here for it's convenience, amenities (resort like pool & fitness center, nearby buffet), and the location.

Location - The location is just five minutes from Vancouver airport by sky train which is faster and nearer than most Vancouver airport shuttle services. It's also very convenient to downtown Vancouver with another 20 minutes (saving you the hassle of driving).

Service - Great service can be expected as with many casino hotels. You have a 24 hour concierge with your room and in-suite dining option.One thing that should be mentioned however is the occasional sound of planes when that flight path is used across the hotel.

Rooms - Rooms vary but come with NESPRESSO, free Wifi, cashmere King beds. It's safe to say that the rooms are luxurious. Click here to read the variety of rooms available to choose from. The rooms don't have the best view as you would at the Fairmont but the location, price, and amenities definitely make up for it. You won't be in your room often anyways with such a great location and being right besides a resort. The rooms also have access to the resort like pool at River Rock and the fully fitted fitness centre.

Amenities - As mentioned, River Rock hotel & casino has outstanding amenities for a four star hotel. You're located right besides a transit center with Skytrain across Vancouver for easy access to downtown in the newly built Canada line. You also have a variety of restaurants in the hotel complex with Asian fare to a full Casino buffet, cafes, and burgers. You have a large pool at the River Rock, and a fitness center. The casino hotel buffet is worth checking out. "the hotel" at River Rock Resort Casino also features a spa to pamper yourself with a facial or massage.

Overall "the hotel" at River Rock is an excellent second choice for hotels near Vancouver airport. It's a great combination of value, service, amenities, and location. You won't likely regret booking this Vancouver airport hotel. Prices are typically around $125 with a range to $200+ depending on the season.

Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel

Room with King Bed at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel.
Room with King Bed at Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel. | Source

#3 Best hotel near Vancouver Airport

Our 3rd best hotel near Vancouver airport recommendation is given to Accent Inn. Accent Inn is the YVR airport of choice if budget and comfort accommodation is your priority. We featured Accent Inn on VancityAsks after a pleasant stay at this 2.5 star hotel with phenomenal service by a personnel called Jay. Service is not consistent across the board but the rooms are clean and comfortable for a great price.

Location - Location is not the best. You're located on St.Edwards street which is a residential and commercial area. It's right by Cambie and No. 5 road with a small strip mall although there's nothing much around the area. There is a Denny's nearby for some reasonable food, an IHOPS as a back-up option (the food & service wasn't great) and a Fogg n Sudds bar nearby at Holiday Inn YVR. You get 10% off both at Fogg n Sudds + IHOPS with your Accent Inn card. I guess that's why they mean by special benefits with their room cards haha.

Overall, location isn't great but there is a shuttle to the skytrain every 30 minutes as a free amenity.

Service - Service is great overall. Friendly and personable service. This was why the airport hotel was listed as the #3 best hotel near Vancouver airport with consideration to their excellent service from first hand experience.

Rooms - Rooms are clean and comfortable. Depending on your room you'll have a Keurig machine or a standard coffee maker. You have the typical ironing board as well as a comfortable bed. The hotel is in the midst of renovations from when I was staying there. It's a good clean room, that's relatively large. Washroom is very small though. They have several rooms available from a Queen suite to a standard two double bed.

Amenities - Amenities aren't many at this 2.5 star hotel. You have a hot tub as well as laundry facilities for those travelling around for the longer period. There's also a 24 hour airport shuttle which frequently appears to be coming late. There's a fitness room and a "restaurant" at the hotel which is IHOPS. The best amenity would be the free WiFi and an instant coffee machine at the lobby.

Overall if you're looking for a well priced hotel near Vancouver airport with 24 hours airport shuttle, then Accent Inn Vancouver Airport would be an excellent choice to consider. Prices are about $70-$120 depending on the season.

While there aren't many amenities and the location isn't the best, the hotel's service and clean/comfortable rooms at a great price is what places Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel as the #3 BEST hotel near Vancouver airport on the list.

Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport hotel

The Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport hotel besides the Fogg n Sudds.
The Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport hotel besides the Fogg n Sudds. | Source

#4 Best Vancouver airport hotel

The fourth best Vancouver airport hotel should be given to Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport hotel. We've placed Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport hotel which is located right across from Accent Inn 4th for their reasonable service, good prices, and clean rooms as well. It's another option for those travelling as a family or couple who would like a clean room at a great place with reasonable service.

Location - The location of Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport is much liken to Accent Inn. It's not a great location in terms of convenience. The hotel is relatively near to Vancouver Airport and is about 10 minutes by shuttle however. It's also fairly near to a Canada Line skytrain station. You can take a shuttle to the Holiday Inn Express if you were hoping to skip driving and grab a SkyTrain there to downtown Vancouver. Near the hotel is also a strip mall as mentioned with fried chicken (apparently one of the best in Vancouver), pizza, pharmacy and grocery store. It's about a 10 minutes walk. The Holiday Inn Vancouver airport is a hotel not for location or luxury but for pricing and consistency.

Service - Service is consistent and relatively good. Most of the hotel staff are friendly. The housekeeping however should be attending to. I had some duty free items taken from the room as mentioned which was not properly addressed. Getting the items back was not convenient as other hotels. Had to fish for my items one at a time as I remembered what was in a room before they were able to search the lost and found instead of properly documented room number to the items.

Rooms - Rooms are typical hotel rooms with double beds, coffee maker, and ironing board. You don't really have a view but it's clean and comfortable. Haven't had an issue with cleanness at this hotel however the house keeping may take your items out of the room for a stay over as I had experience with me. The worse was not being able to locate the duty-free bought overseas as a gift. They do not record the housekeeping process it seems as some hotels I know (in a South East Asian country when I left an item in the room, they were able to immediately identify it because it was noted with the room number and guest name kept in a sealed bag. Much better process than Holiday Inn Vancouver airport)

Amenities - Amenities are quite reasonable at this three star hotel. As with the Accent Inn Vancouver Airport hotel, you have a laundry room (which distinctly says that using it is at user's risks - not very inviting to use haha) as well as a fitness room. There is a garaged parking as well as a restaurant (Fogg n Sudds) near the hotel. You have what they call a business center which is really just a printer and computer in the lobby as well as a variety of over-priced chips and chocolate at the Front Desk to replace a vending machine. You don't stay at this Holiday Inn for the amenities but the clean rooms, price, and airport shuttle. They have a complementary airport shuttle.

The Holiday Inn Vancouver Airport hotel costs about $120 per night depending on the season but you can typically get a special offer running it to around $80/night. It's a great place for hotels near Vancouver airport.

The Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel has an excellent location in downtown Richmond. Near to the airport and many things to see or eat in downtown Richmond.
The Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel has an excellent location in downtown Richmond. Near to the airport and many things to see or eat in downtown Richmond. | Source

The Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel tour

#5 Best hotel near Vancouver airport

The fifth hotel near Vancouver airport recommended on is Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel. This four-star Hilton hotel is remarkably good hotel at a slight premium. It's great on all counts for convenience, service, and room. The hotel is located in the heart of Richmond and still only 10 minutes from the airport with frequent airport shuttle service. It's definitely an excellent option for tourists and business travels willing to pay a slight premium for this four-star Hilton hotel near Vancouver airport.

Location - The Richmond BC hotel is very near to Vancouver airport and still centrally in downtown Richmond. This means you're steps from Richmond centre shopping center with a variety of clothing stores like H&M, GAP, and Banana Republic. It's also central for food choices being about five minutes form Alexandra Road with a variety of international cuisine. Right by the airport is also several reputable food eateries inclusive of the Carvery in-house restaurant at Hilton Vancouver airport hotel.

Service - Service is your typical excellent Hilton quality service. You won't be disappointed with the personable and friendly service provided at this Hilton hotel near Vancouver airport.

Rooms - The rooms come with complementary WiFi and Suite Dreams mattress along with the typical Ironing board and coffee machine. You can view the full availability of room types here.

Amenities - The Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel also has quite a few amenities for it's four star hotel near Vancouver airport. There's a full restaurant in the hotel and a bar along with severla other hotel restaurants around the area. This includes a full size swimming pull, fitness center, and business center with printer/fax, and a computer station. There's WiFi throughout the building and a consistent airport shuttle just seven minutes to the airport. You also have a concierge desk to help with your booking needs and Vancouver tours available. Finally, there is laundry service available should you require.

Overall the Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel is an excellent hotel choice that's near to Vancouver airport, far away enough from the occasional noise but still only minutes to the airport with their consistent airport shuttle service. This Vancouver airport hotel is an excellent choice especially for tourists arriving from Vancouver airport who are willing to spend a little extra for a great experience. The service will make your experience even better with it's locality in Richmond being a great benefit for your exploration and travels. It's walking distance to the Canada SkyTrain station in Richmond and many food stores Richmond is known for. Prices for the Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel are typically $225+ depending on the season to $300; still, making this Vancouver airport hotel a worthy price as a four-star hotel near YVR.

I am rather bias to this airport hotel because of memorable experiences arriving in Vancouver several years back.

Map of Vancouver

Conclusion 5 Hotels near YVR

Thank you for reading our list of the best hotels near Vancouver airport. I hope this has been useful for you. Please share your comments or suggestions bellow.

If you're a local in Vancouver, this may be a useful information for your out of town visitors needing accommodation near Vancouver. If you're a visitor, I hope this list of the best Vancouver airport hotels will help you with a first-person view of the local accommodation available near Vancouver airport.

Above is a map of Vancouver. Do note that, Vancouver airport is located where you see "sea island" and is nearer to Richmond. There's a Skytrain to downtown Vancouver in under 20 minutes from Vancouver Airport or Richmond.

This is a list from VancityAsks' Best Vancouver airport hotel!

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