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5 Things I've Noticed Moving From Wales to England

Updated on November 24, 2017
River Wye
River Wye | Source
Looking over Herefordshire
Looking over Herefordshire | Source


I understand this may not apply to all people in the Herefordshire area but I have noticed lots of people wearing designer brands that aren't actually popular where I used to live which is interesting. I've noticed that it isn't in an specific age range, it a mix of all age groups. When I was on a shopping trip with my partner I was doing some people watching whilst she had a look at a few things in a shop.

I've seen lots wear Fred Perry, Jack Wills, Stone Island and Ralph Lauren. It felt bizarre to me as I'd only seen a brand like Ralph Lauren being worn on a night out usually by guys in South Wales. As for the other brands they weren't popular in my area when I was growing up there so seeing how popular these brand clothing are was confusing for me the first time I saw people wearing it around Hereford town. When Iast visited the Torfaen area most people wore brands like Nike, Ivy Park and Adidas but they're usually an age specific group and that age group always hang around outside the Cwmbran McDonalds.

Confusing dialect in conversation

When me and my partner met a lot of confusion happened in our conversations and sometimes it still does a year or so on! For example, we could be meeting each other somewhere I'd ask her "Where you to?" and this still to this day makes absolutely no sense to her and to a few English people I've met. She laughed and went "What? You mean where are you, right?" and to me saying that just sounds outright weird. Another one is when she said I had pugs in my hair when I was brushing it, I had a mental image of cute little pugs running around in my hair when I thought about it, again this makes no sense to me because I would call my hair "notty" if it my hair is tangled.

One time to describe my partner to my friends when she was there the welsh slang crept into conversation, I said "Aw she's lush bless, shes a dwtty thing" and my friends agreed and she would be left here like "Huh? What?" She got confused a few times that day she met my friends. A cute thing she usually starts a conversation with is usually "Ay up me duck" or " Alright, pet?" which if I said that back home everyone would most probably laugh at me. Regional dialect is always interesting to figure out.

Hereford skate park
Hereford skate park


This is literally the biggest peeve of living in Herefordshire...tractors. They slow you down when you got work and make you late. I mean that isn't cool these farmers damn well know they're on the road and couldn't give a s***. That smirk they give you know they have a big bad boy line of vehicles forming a line behind that stupid bulky thing gets them laughing. To be fair they have that 1% that are actually kind enough to pull over and let faster vehicles through to not be an inconvenience to their day or schedule...hats off to those people but the 99% of you can do one! I understand farmers got to do their duties too but please just don't hold up people when there's an opportunity to pull over and let the people through quickly,its so annoying. The worst I've encountered is being stuck behind 5 tractors on a normal road I really had to keep my cool as there was no way I could safely overtake it, took me and extra hour to get to a place that only should of took 30 minutes.


Travelling through Herefordshire is a pain if you live quite far away from Hereford and also can be a pain if you live in the town too. For me I live quite far from Hereford so if I wanted to go shopping it would take me 17 miles and if I wanted to go to Worcester it would take the same amount of miles. When you're in Hereford town it does take a while to get to places because of the congestion and because of the amount of traffic lights they have which is really bizarre. It probably doesn't help that this time they have roadworks going on so it really does slow you down, luckily I don't usually have to go there a lot. Back at home in Wales I was lucky to live in Torfaen as it is compacted with loads of stores, in one place they have Morrisons, Asda, Lidl and Aldi all within a mile radius so you had choices on where to go for your cheapest shopping. I was also lucky that everything I wanted to do was also in that same place and was about a mile from my old home so it was really easy to get there and not fork out a lot of money for petrol.

Night Life

Being the typical young adult I do love the night life, drinks with my friends every now and then is nice and I often go to Hereford town for a cheap night out. I hit The Venue, The Kerry, Long Bar, Yates and Play. It makes me happy that when I go to the clubs I feel safe and don't feel uncomfortable as I know a few people who go out there and it's never known for trouble and everyone minds their own business and has a good time. Because of these clubs I've met long life friends that have been amazing to me and my partner and they'll be friends for life. Everyone in the clubs are friendly and never had a bad experience there, always good drinks offers too around especially Long Bar's 50p shots. If you didn't get a chance to predrink and you happen to be in Hereford head to Long Bar for some of those 50p shots because they do the trick and stumble on to their karaoke to shout some lyrics for 'Angels' by Robbie Williams its always a good laugh. The Kerry is always packed and busy they have two floors, one for of your generic playlist music and the second floor if you feel like listening to drum and bass. It surprises me how popular drum and bass is here, like everyone always goes to that floor too every time I go there. Venue is pretty good too, it's one of my favourite places to go at the moment. They have Strip Club Friday Nights where you can have a cheeky lap dance and have some fun with the ladies, they also have loads of jugs offers on too which is handy because I'm always too lazy to keep going to the bar (low key just trying to avoid doing rounds when its my turn lol). Back to when I used to go clubbing in Newport it was usually annoying sometimes as the place hasn't got the greatest reputation, Meze bar though will always be my favourite club there as it has rock music and not just pop constantly so it always refreshing there and I've missed getting my superhero cocktails there. The rest of the clubs are alright I guess each one just seems to be like the rest there and it's always crammed full of sweaty obnoxious people so I get quite uncomfortable and leave after 20 minutes. I need to mention this bar as it is a must if you have a love for rock and indie music, Le Pub is an amazing pub to go to as there is never trouble there and they have the most amazing cheap cocktails with the funniest names. I remember playing SNES Mario Kart drunk with my friends whilst good nostalgic rock music is blaring in the background, its a really good community there and I have created good memories there with people I used to go to college with.

© 2017 Rebecca Crowley


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