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Reasons You Should Travel Across the World

Updated on February 22, 2022
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Andrea studied writing and film and writes on various topics, from dating and relationships to astrology, interior design, and gardens.


Traveling the World

Whatever is holding you back from traveling the world -- don't think about that right now. You deserve to see the big beautiful world. It's not a matter of money, it's a matter of will. There's so much to see, and the best time to go see it is now. Traveling isn't just for fun, it helps round you out as a person. Studies show that when people travel, they get smarter. If you're having a slump in school right now -- take a vacation to Europe. Also, if you've ever wanted to learn a new language, going halfway across the world to a place that English isn't everybody's first language will force you to learn some new words. Traveling will help you overcome your fears, introduce you to new and exciting people, while also giving you new perspective. Traveling is great for romance, for variety, and for trying new food.

50 Traveling Tips

Traveling around the world can be fun, but if done incorrectly... ouch. So here's some tips to keep help you on your way to a good time.

1. If possible instead of staying in expensive hotels or at potentially unsafe hostels, try going to places where you may have international friends who can act as guides for you and also help take care of your basic necessities.

2. Don't pack everything that you have. I suggest taking an empty suitcase for things that you may buy.

3. Check the forecast weather for the country so you plan clothes appropriately. Place items in your luggage that can be layered. Don't just pack for aesthetic appeal.

4. Carry snack items for when you are traveling. You may have several long lay-overs and get air sick. Pretzels, chips, and other salty items will help.

5. Never leave baggage unattended!

6. Even if you plan to use debit or credit cards, have cash on you... and in several different places.

7. Research the different cultural norms of the country so you do not offend or confuse others as much as possible.

8. I suggest for Americans going to Europe to avoid looking to Americanized, loud, or overall ostentatious as this may project the wrong image. I suggest wearing clothes that are similar to those in Europe as it'll help you fit in better -- which is good, because tourists are more likely targets of theft and other crime.

9. Read about any shots or medication that you have to take before hand and make sure to be consistent if you have to take pills (such as with Malaria). You may want to save up nearly 300$ just for this.

10. Wear layers at the airport as the planes may be cold but the airports are hot.

11. Pack essential items that you will want on the plane and in the airports in your carry-on bag so they are close to you. This would include: an extra pair of contacts, glasses, toothbrush and toothpaste, hand sanitizer, floss, and moisturizer.

12. Go with someone to travel as this will keep you accountable.

13. Do not be rude to air-flight staff or other customers. This will bring unwanted attention to yourself from the other customers. Respect the staff and they're more likely to respect you.

14. Carry your own headphones or earphones.

15. Don't wear flip-flops. Wear solid shoes. Heels and boots are going to wear you out.

16. Avoid wearing metal. This will slow you down during the safety portion.

17. Have passport ready at every interval. Keep your passport in a safe location. These can be stolen and sold for a lot of money on blackmarkets.

18. Don't plan rigorous activity for the first day you are off the plan. Your body will need rest and food.

19. Buy convertors for the country you visit so that you can use your electronic devices.

20. Don't just eat anything that is given to you. Investigate it. Smell it. Your stomach might not be used to the same foods as your friends. Don't be pressured into things you wouldn't normally do.

21. Bring medicines like Pepto-Bismol and Advil that will keep your stomach strong and your head from having a headache. You may experience being overwhelmed by differences in culture.

22. If you are staying anywhere be sure to check the locks.

23. Be careful with the strangers you talk with. Do not give too much personal information, especially where you are staying.

24. Lock up, keep special items in places that wouldn't be stolen when you are gone from your place of stay.

25. Be prepared for bathrooms that are holes in the ground and cold water showers.

26. DO NOT COMPLAIN about aspects of the country to natives, especially in impoverished places. Keep these side comments to yourself as it is highly rude.

27. Spend time with their own media outlets from television, radio, and newspapers as this will enlighten you on their sense of culture.

28. Try journaling about each day's adventure as this will keep your thoughts organized and also highlight new experiences for yourself.

29. 99.99% of the time do not engage in sex with newly met people over seas as this could lead to dangerous situations, photographing of your image without your consent, STDs, and stalking for when you even come back into the country. If you like someone, keep their information and stay in touch online and through Skype. Short romps with new people overseas... not a good idea.

30. Know what the standard is for tipping waiters in another country. Many countries pay their wait staff in wages, but on gullible customers... they'll gladly take your tips.

31. Research fun things you would like to do in the country before being there. Checkout different prices as travel adds up quickly.

32. Make sure to clean up your own house before traveling so you come home to a clean, organized place.

33. In advance figuring out where your own pets will be staying while you are away.

34. Do not post on Facebook or other social media outlets that you will be gone on a grand adventure as this may invite thieves who will then know your house is empty.

35. Throwaway food in your house that will spoil by the time you will be back.

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36. Have emergency contacts in case anything could happen while gone.

37. Don't pack your favorite things as your luggage could be delayed or lost through travel.

38. Adding children and especially babies to your travel will slow you down so consider this fully before making the adventure.

39. Stretch your legs as while on the plane, you may be trapped for several hours with little leg room.

40. Read up reviews on all hotels, airports, resorts, and areas of stay before committing to your plan. This will offer you tips on whether it's a good place to go, or what might be the best way to take advantage of the hotel.

41. If you are going with friends and partying somewhere, make sure some people are at least sober so as not to get lost, taken advantage of, or ill.

42. Have someone with you that speaks the common language of the country.

43. Do not create scenes that will draw unwanted attention to you, try to blend with the crowd.

44. Call your bank before traveling to let them know where you will be so your cards won't be canceled when you try to pay for something in another country.

45. Know what are the socially safe hours of the day. Is night much more dangerous than day?

46. Explore both bucolic and urban locations, you want to experience a large variety of the culture.

47. Carry hand sanitizer with you as many public bathrooms will not have water or soap.

48. Do not say snide comments about people while in earshot.

49. Read about the water sanitation before drinking it.

50. Go to the landmarks of wherever you go. Take pictures! Have a good time!

Reasons You Should Travel

Besides taking a vacation from all your bills and the stressful people in your life, travel will do you some good. Traveling across the world makes you smarter. By having to come across new locations and people, you're challenging your brain to adjust to new environments. You get to come across perspectives you don't daily see. Also, traveling helps you to become more empathetic. By seeing more people you start to realize more of what's on this planet.

Traveling helps you to socialize better. When you come across different perspectives and meet new people from completely different upraisings and standards, you inevitably start learning how to better adjust to others and make sense of the world. Traveling can also give you experiences you never could have in your hometown. You can make lifelong memories that will stick out to you. By challenging your brain this way, it'll help your memory in the long run. Exploration of the world and what it has to offer helps you to become a more well rounded person.

Studies show people who travel more tend to be better at adapting and staying calm. You'll start to study and work better than if you only stay in your cubicle. Traveling lets you do research firsthand rather than only read or see pictures of mountains, tribes, cities, and sled racing dogs. Traveling can help you to be more active with your body. You'll be able to stretch your legs after the plane ride. You'll be able to swim at the beach, stroll around the city, and use that body of yours rather than sit their mindlessly from day to day.

© 2013 Andrea Lawrence


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