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5 Scenic Wonders in West Virgina

Updated on April 14, 2012
West Virginia scenic wonder
West Virginia scenic wonder | Source

West Virginia is full of natural delights and scenic wonders. The state has everything from a famous arch bridge, to rock covered trails to high mountain overlooks. Below, is a list of 5 of the most popular scenic wonders in West Virgina.

New River Gorge Bridge

The New River Gorge Bridge sits at an arch between 2 mountains in Fayetville, West Virginia. Its 3,030 feet in length and, as of 2010, it's the second highest arch built bridge in the world. On Bridge Day, it shuts down, not allowing any motorized traffic. Bridge Day takes place on the third Saturday of every October. Adventurers, onlookers and the curious gather to celebrate a scenic wonder high in the West Virginia mountains.

Gaudineer Knob

Hike up Gaudineer Knob for a one-of-a-kind scenic overlook. It stands 4,432 feet high and is the tallest peak in the Shavers mountain ridge in the Allegheny mountain range. You can picnic near the overlook and the area is home to some beautiful Spruce trees. Gaudineer Knob is located on the border of Randolf and Pocahontas county near Seneca State Forest.

Seneca State Forest

Visit Seneca State Forest and swim or canoe in the waters of the Greenbrier river in Pocahontas County. Hike one of the many trails throughout Seneca to observe the natural beauty that surrounds this park. Seneca State Forest has 11,684 acres for you to play in.

Route 20 Falls

Travel on Route 20 in southwestern West Virginia to view scenic waterfalls. Among them include the Pipestream Creek waterfall located near Pipestream State Park. This particular water fall is difficult to get to; however, it is well worth the visit. Nearby water falls with easier access include Sandstone falls, Indian Branch falls and Brush Creek falls--all located on Route 20.

Falls of Hills Creek

At Falls of the Hills Creek Scenic Area, nestled in the Monogahela National Forest, you will find 3 waterfalls in various sizes. Here, you can hike a partly paved trail and access the fall's viewing point by wheelchair. About 50 different species of plants have been recorded making this a perfect area to view nature at its finest during spring. The park's lower falls, the second highest water fall in West Virginia at 63 feet, is located at the Falls of Hill Creek and is easily accessible.


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