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7 Best Road Trip Ideas in USA and Beyond

Updated on August 22, 2016

Road trips have always attracted travelers, as it's the only way to see those hidden gems which are inaccessible by all other travel means. Besides, it's a relatively cheap way of traveling which gives the most freedom. In this hub I'd like to offer best road trip ideas for road trip lovers all over the world.

1. Romantic Road, Germany

The world’s most aptly named stretch of blacktop, the Romantic Road starts at the ancient shambles of Wurzburg and weaves for 220 miles alongside fairy-tale castles and sloping meadows, concluding at the mist-shrouded Bavarian Alps.

2. Pan-American Highway, Peru

You wouldn’t want to drive the whole continent-spanning thing, but the Pan-American Highway from Lima to Arequipa is doable. The road traces Peru’s Pacific coast, packing a ton of spectacle into 623 miles: Incan ruins, volcanoes, UFO landing sites, oases, gift shops. Try to avoid the alpacas, which tend to congregate in the middle of the road.

3. The Silk Road, Europe and Asia

Winding from Venice to Beijing, this one represents a serious undertaking. The ancient trading route runs for 12,500 miles through 12 countries, with rugged terrain and exotic political systems, requiring even the hardiest travelers to seek help. The standard duration of a self-drive tours is 80 days, and it doesn’t come cheap – but the things you will see!


4. Great River Road, U.S.

Fixed in the American popular imagination, the Mississippi is as rich in cultural significance as it is in mud. Apart from hopping a barge, the best way to follow its 2,350-mile journey is via the Great River Road. The trip can be gritty, but that’s part of the poetry.

5. Route 101, Oregon

While often overshadowed by its Northern California stretch, the Pacific coast Highway’s 350-mile squiggle through Oregon is an equally good bet for hairpin turns and sublime vistas. The route bristles with coves, crags and looming pines, interspersed with wineries.


6. Appalachian Trail, U.S.

The ergonomic boot-wearing 2,184-milers will scorn you, but it IS possible to do the Appalachian Trail by car. The truly idle may cut the trip in half by driving from the Trail’s Georgia starting point to Gettysburg, PA, a trip that allows for air-conditioned pioneering while providing a glimpse at the cultural and physical landscapes of the American South.

7. Dempster Highway, Canada

You are not going to get a lot of variety on the Dempster Highway. The road starts in Dawson City, in the Yukon, and terminates 450 miles later in Inuvik, way inside the Arctic Circle. What you’ll see en route is wilderness – sometimes flat, sometimes not – and snow. A journey for hardy types eager to get in touch with their inner Inuit.

Choosing the route is only part of what makes a good trip. To get the most of your trip, be sure to check out "road trip rules". Following them would greatly improve your road trip experience.


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