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7 Packing Essentials for your next Travel

Updated on November 15, 2017

Packing Essentials for your next Travel

Suitcases have limited space, so they must be filled with the stuff that is needed. Your inner voice may call, come on put that third pair of shoes, what if we go for a semi-formal party. Often, there are small things that make or break your travel. So, do not leave for your next trip without packing those holiday essentials, they are readily available and keep you comfortable, and prepared, for anything unexpected your trip has to treat you with.

Check out the list:


Travel documents

Just imagine, you are having the time of your life with the people you love in a far of the island, maybe so much fun that you lose the possession of your wallet. OMG! In the middle of nowhere, you are left alone, no cash, credit cards, and most alarmingly, your passport, all are gone. Be wise and before you leave, make sure photocopies of your important documents are readily available. Whether it is a photocopy in your suitcase or scanned copies stored in your email or phone. You can keep a copy with the loved one back home. These copies will speed up the replacement of necessary documents and provide great convenience.


Credit card Service Company numbers

Keep the customer support numbers of your credit card service handy. It will be of help if your cards are stolen and you need to freeze the account immediately. You might be out of cash, but you can rest assured you are not paying for thief’s shopping spree.


Rain poncho

No matter how much research you do, weather conditions are always unpredictable. Be ready for the unpredictable weather conditions with a rain poncho.


First aid kit

This is a must have when you are on your travel, you never know when uninvited things happen and you or your family is need of immediate help. Be prepared with first aid basics plus first responder medicines, head and stomach pain pills, and antibacterial creams.

Foldable jackets

Keep a foldable jacket for the cold days, they come with a thin layer that provides maximum warmth. Always look for the space saving pieces that fold easily and hold minimum space.

Water resistant shoes

These are one of the best inventions for travelers; they do not dig a hole into your pocket and go perfectly with your outfits. Non-skid ones will make even the toughest routes comfortable and fun.

Wet wipes

Every traveler knows how important is it to carry wet wipes while on the travel. They get the sweat and gunk off you while not being harsh.

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    • sunitibahl9 profile image

      SBHK 14 months ago from India

      Yes... Absolutely! Thanks for taking time out and reading this hub.

    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 14 months ago from New York

      Ear buds for laptops and phones are also important to keep from disturbing other travelers with your music and movies.

    • sunitibahl9 profile image

      SBHK 14 months ago from India


    • Al Greenbaum profile image

      Al Greenbaum 14 months ago from Europe

      Ear plugs. If you go to a cheap hotel and the walls are made of paper.