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7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Bolivian Experience

Updated on April 14, 2012

There are many ways to enjoy this wonderfully diverse country in South America. Bolivia is a small landlocked country in the middle of South America between Paraguay and Chile. It has many things to offer visitors from rich ecological tours to brilliant pre Columbian historical sites. It is a small adventure waiting to happen here are some things you can do while you are there to get the most of your experience on your tour of Bolivia.

1. To really immerse yourself into the Bolivian culture you have to experience a little bit of its past. The best way to learn about Bolivia’s past is to visit some of the historical locations that are available so start with the pre Columbian pyramids La Paz and Lake Titicaca. These places will give you a good starting point for your immersion into Bolivian culture.

2. the second place to continue with your Bolivian culture immersion experience is to experience the natural preserves that are all around Bolivia. Experience your natural surroundings take a tour in the number of natural and ecological preserves that are all around the country. Getting to know your environment better is essential to getting to know exactly how the Bolivian people interact with different parts of their environment.

3. As we continue to progress in our new found culture we cannot forget that history and nature are only the start. The next place on our list is a little out of the way by now you’re pretty hungry so let’s find some traditional authentic food from Bolivia’s past and future. Best place to start with some picante de pollo as well as some Tawas-Tawas which is an excellent way to get to know their cuisine.

4. If you travel to Bolivia some of the best times of the year would be to go during some of their truly original holidays. You can in joy Carneval as well as the devils Dance also know as oruro as well as many others throughout the year. This will help also enlighten you into how the Bolivians celebrate their holidays and further immerse you in their culture.

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5. In modern Bolivia as well as in the past the communities would gather near their town squares during their weekends there wears, crafts, and food. This is another opportunity for you to again immerse yourself in the Bolivian culture. Walk through these markets and take in the sights, smells, and taste of all they have to offer. Try on newly made and colorful clothing or see what the trinkets the woodworker has come up with. With everything you touch taste, or smell you will find yourself wanting to see what is around the next corner.

6. The next step is to meet some new friends and chat with people about their lives. The markets are great places to start meeting people and asking them what they do. Also Bolivia’s streets are lined with multiple quaint cafes that are a small past time for most Bolivians. They are a place for them to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. This would be an exceptional time to go and get a cup of coffee and mingle with the locals in a un stressed atmosphere.

7. Another great way to immerse yourself into their culture is to volunteer through the many programs around the world that take annual trips to Bolivia. Bolivia is known for it economic difficulties so there are charities all over the world that take annual trips to build homes and bring medical supplies to those less fortunate in this country. It is a great way to see and experience Bolivia in ways most tourist never will.

Any one of these ways is the perfect opportunity to truly immerse you in a foreign culture. To see the world through the eyes of someone different is sometimes a eye opening yet wonderful experience and any way you choose to do it you will be forever a changed person. So plan your trip carefully make sure to make the most of your time you don’t want to miss out on anything. And following a few of these guild lines will help with that. It will help make your trip to Bolivia that much better.


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