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5 Most Haunted Places In India -A Must Visit

Updated on May 8, 2020
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I always have been curious about exploring the haunted places. India is the land of untold stories.

Want to experience a thrilling, scary screech that comes out from our throat, which will turn your eyes bloodshot. We might have seen many horror movies, and we secretly enjoy them too. But what about exploring haunted places. Be it supernatural or panoramic. If you go deep into the meaning, the dictionary describes it as some force beyond scientific understanding or laws of nature. A place that is believed to be a centre for metaphysical occurrences or paranormal phenomenon is a haunted place. But how many of us believe in the presence of ghosts? Do they really have some existence?

This article contemplates the most haunted places in India. In many of the cases, upon various scientific research, alternative factors to supernatural phenomenon are found to be a mistake, such as mockeries, environmental impact, hallucinations etc. Common symptoms of hauntings, cold spot, and various creaking and knocking sounds, can be found in most places nevertheless of suspected paranormal presences. The horror stories of India varies in nature but they can surely scare the daylights out of you.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

With a utmosts contradiction to be evolved, Bhangarh Forts promise to thrill tourists who travel to this haunted destination. Located 300kms from Delhi, entry into the fort is restricted after sunset.

It was built by the kachwaha ruler of Amber, Raja Bhagwant Singh for his younger son Madho Singh. It was built in 1573 AD. Princess Ratnavati was the beautiful daughter of Chatr Singh, was the jewel of Rajasthan. She was universally liked whereas her stepbrother Ajab Singh was disliked. Her tales of beauty and delightful personality spread far due to which she received many marriage proposals. Tantrik priests fell in love with her and tried to cast a spell on her through the perfume purchased by Ratnavati's maid. The princess came to know about the same and the tantrik was broken down under its weight. But before he died, he cursed the princess, family and the whole village. After that Ratnawati lost her in life in the battle next year. It was due to this curse that no one in the village or fort was reborn and inhabited by ghosts. If any villager attempts to build a roof, it gets collapsed mysteriously. It is ranked the most haunted forts of India.

Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi

Baolis are basically meant to serve as a water table recharge stations in the medieval to pre-modern India. And they still do. It is a stepwell comprising of 103 steps situated in the centre of the Delhi. Brilliantly architectured, it's a wonder in itself and hence have many tales that have caught the imagination of many. Former people say that the black water of the well persuades people and lead them to drown themselves. As per the saying goes, the lures strengthens as you go further down the stairs. This can be into your high profile wishlist if you are looking for a thrill.

The Barog Tunnel, Himachal Pradesh

Tunnel no.33, also known as Barog tunnel is one of the straightest tunnel in the world, but it is not the only special characteristic about it. The story began in the year of 1903, of Colonel Barog, who was assigned by the British government to build a tunnel in the remote area. Although he was a dedicated person but committed a mistake of digging parallel tunnels. This led to the public shaming on him, he became depressed, due to which he shot himself inside the tunnel. Locals hold that his spirit is seen again and again in the tunnel. Although his spirit is considered to be the friendly one as no reports of fatal encounter is found.

Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

It is famously known as the "Ghost Village of Rajasthan" and one of the most haunted places in India. It really makes me feel sad to think about the people who decided to flee from the village overnight, along with the people of 84 other villages. The story begins with the diwan of the region Salum Singh, who levied huge taxes, due to which it became very difficult for the Paliwal to survive. Also, he wanted to marry one of the girls of the village, which was disapproved by the community. He threatened the villagers so that he can fulfil his false desires. Due to this, Paliwals along with 84 other villagers left the village. These dejected people cursed that no one will ever be able to live here and these villages still remain deserted.

Jatinga, Assam

Assam is known as the state of mysteries and mythological tales. Hill village of jatinga is yet another page of mystery added to it. Jatinga is located at a distance of 9 km from Haflong, the headquarters of the district. The most unusual phenomenon witnessed here is the annual mass bird suicide, which is out of the scientific explanation. From the month of September to November, hundreds of birds commit mass suicide after sunset, plunging by slamming themselves into buildings and trees. One of the most possible reason is the theory that the birds get baffled by the late monsoon season amidst the wind and fog.

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Although the conclusions should be drawn from our own experiences, but there should be something to be scared of in life. Disagree with me? You should be, but if you really believe in ghost your answer will be an affirmative one and of course, the non-believers will drown the thought.


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