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8 Reasons Why You Visit Tokyo

Updated on October 21, 2015

8 Reasons Why You Visit Tokyo

Although prone to earthquakes and tremors, Japan is probably one of the best countries to add on to your list of countries to visit. I would recommend Tokyo to be specific. With its bustling art scene and unique cultural practices, Tokyo makes for a brilliant tourist destination and here’s why.

  1. The Food Is Amazing

The food in Tokyo is like no other compared to many other big cities. Tokyo offers a wide array of healthy, fresh foods to fit anyone's budget. From street vendors serving up tantalizing noodle dishes, to 5-star chefs creating art from multiple course meals there is something for everyone. Must-try dishes while in Tokyo include; tofu, handmade soba noodles, sashimi and sushi.

  1. Hygiene At Its Best

Tokyohas probably got the cleanest streets than any other in the world. As a big, crowded city one would expect the streets as with any other busy city, to be filled with pieces of litter here and there but this is a far cry from the truth. Most visitors talk highly of how clean the streets of Tokyo were during their visit that doesn't seem weird or staged if you consider the fact that cleanliness is emphasised by their culture.

  1. Etiquette Must Be In Their DNA

At first sight, it may seem like the inhabitants of this great city are uptight and snobbish but that is far from the truth. Bowing down when saying a simple hello, giving out gifts and receiving items with both hands are all but some of the natural behaviours you should expect from the ever busy locals. They are quick to help any visiting tourists without asking for anything in return.

  1. It Is A Shopping Haven

Tokyois bursting with shopping outlets of different types. Whether you’re in the market for a new robust gadget, a unique accessory to match that dress you love so much or a handcrafted item to take home with you, Tokyo has you covered. There is such a wide variety to choose from that you would not even know where to begin.

  1. Japanese Car Culture

Tokyo is a must visit for any petrol head who truly loves cars. The Japanese car scene in this country is like something out of a First and Furious movie. Different designs, different types of cars and different classes of cars all wrapped into one giant ball. From restored Japanese classics like the Mazda RX-2 to more refined customized tuners, the Japanese car meets are something to behold.

  1. Fashion, Fashion And More Fashion

It is no secret that Japan has the unique and individual fashion sense as a whole. With their funky pop style hair styles and their somewhat “weird” outfits, Tokyo has probably got the most colourful fashion scene than anywhere else.

  1. Amazing Architecture

The buildings in Tokyo are simply nothing short of breathtaking. Architecture lovers can feast their eyes on many appealing architectural designs and styles. Even the older buildings are a joy to look at.

  1. Beautiful Parks

Tired of all the hustle and bustle of city life? Tokyo is littered with beautiful parks where you can unwind and relax while soaking in the beautiful scenery. These parks boast a variety of designs and different beautiful indigenous plants. I would recommend visiting the Yogi Park in particular.

These are only but a few reasons to visit Tokyo, but this city has so much more to offer. Anyone should make a point of one day visiting and experiencing the joys of this beautiful city.


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