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A Change in the Weather

Updated on October 21, 2011

We finally achieved some cooler weather here in Lulawissie. We finally, after 3 months, got out of the 90’s and dipped into the low to mid 70’s overnight due to a tropical depression named “Lee”. Lee was unexpectedly downgraded over the last few days from a Gulf Hurricane to a Tropical Storm and now to just a depression. Perhaps all of that downgrading, much like a demotion, has led to Lee’s unexpected depression.

Much of the storm’s path has sidestepped us here in the valley and has moved up along the interstate toward the town of Amethyst over in Goshen County, leaving a wake of destruction in the small community of Round Top, where Lawson’s lumber yard was demolished in a matter of seconds. Goshen seems to be a popular name for a town or county here in the Bible belt, each namesake being for the popular “Land of Goshen” from the Old Testament. Somehow during the founding of these various burgs, some hopeful soul was praying that Jesus would choose their humble little town to make his second coming. But that is not so, not yet anyway. We’ll have to wait and see.

I just made a quick run down to the IGA (we pronounce it “igga”) for some eggs and a bottle of wine. I know it is showing disloyalty to my employer, the Lulawissie Gas and Grocery to shop elsewhere, whether it is the IGA or Meyer’s Grocery, but the IGA is closer and it is stormy out. Besides, you can get a bottle of wine at the IGA for $2.97. Eggs are about the same everywhere unless I go out to Mr. Givney’s place out on the road to O’Brien’s Ferry. His eggs are well worth the trip, but like I said, it’s stormy out and the wine at IGA is only $2.97 a bottle. Sammie wanted the eggs for some sweet milk cornbread she is making to go with supper tonight. Her corn bread is out of this world, more like a corn cake. I wanted the wine, but I doubt if I’ll get any.

But Sammie, like all good wives and mothers is a worrier. As I was leaving, the tornado siren sounded from the fire station down the road. So naturally while I was gone, she tracked my movements via my cell phone GPS to make sure that I didn’t drive into a twister, which at times seems like a good idea in today’s economy. And of course she had to keep tabs our son and his new bride since the storm, with its alleged tornados, was headed right for his place in Amethyst. His only response to his mother’s tornado warning was “Cool! It’s party time!” Much to her angst, I had to smile and remember his youth, when we lived in Missouri along the Gasconade River. The tornado sirens would fill the air with their sharp shrill and there was our son running circles in the road shouting “Auntie Em! Auntie Em!” The neighbors all thought that he was a little bit special like his younger sister, and since all 4 of our kids rode the short bus together for convenience sake, it was hard to tell which ones, if any, were normal.

When I got home from the IGA, she was worried because our son was not answering his phone. I had to remind Sammie that he was a newlywed home with his bride and there was a tornado coming. Perhaps they decided to try something new and join the tornado. We were young once, remember?

Sammie’s dad is a preacher of his own church over in Goshen County, just a little east of Amethyst up in the hills. “The Firetop Mountain Holy Bible Church” or so their sign out on the highway reads. It’s a small church, with only a handful of old timers in the congregation. We don’t always attend services there though, we know all about being saved and about the end of times and the bowels of hell. It seems that Sammie and I are searching to find out all the stuff that happens in between salvation and death. It is a hard thing for her dad to bear when his own baby girl who had sung in his church since childhood has decided to seek God’s plan elsewhere. But I grew up Catholic, and it’s a miracle in its own that a Catholic boy and a Pentecostal girl hooked up and stayed married for thirty years, and she is thanking God every day for being happily married for at least 20 of them. But if we don’t show up for services and stay for lunch on the odd Sunday, her dad will be sure to call me and ask if we actually did attend church that day, hoping that if we weren’t going to the right church then at least we went somewhere.

I enjoy a good sermon, one that stimulates my juices of thought and causes me to read the Bible more. I will sit more attentively for a good sermon than to hear my father in law tell me about Armageddon and sing songs about the second coming. But I don’t dare fall asleep in his church lest he singles me out to stand up and answer questions pertaining to his sermon, so I must remain awake and attentive. But those days away from Firetop Mountain are my “fishing” days. These are the days that I go “fishing for sermon”. Occasionally I will be asked to preach my own sermon in the family church, but it has been some time since I have done so. Perhaps my more than liberal speech a year and a half ago on Sodom and Gomorrah was more than the folks of this little country church could bear.

So, another Labor Day has come and gone with the rain and wind fizzling out the barbeques of this quiet little town. But no worries, the die-hard Lulawissians always find ways to have fun. The shelter houses at the park I’m sure were filled with laughter and billowing smoke, as well as the outer edges of the beer tent. Tomorrow it’s back to reality. I have to go in for a physical. The last visit I had with my doctor, two weeks ago, I was obviously overweight by his standards (which are the same standards found in the 1955 Funk and Wagnall’s encyclopedia). I anticipated this, though. I drank about 2 gallons of water before I went to see him and wore a heavy chain under my shirt for the weigh in. When I go tomorrow, I will have taken a diuretic and I will be clad only in a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. He will be amazed on how I lost 20 pounds in just two weeks. I’m such a genius. Sammie still thinks I’m an idiot.

So until next time, my friends, be safe. Give thanks to the Good Lord for everything, good or not so good, and always try to do a good deed for someone you don’t know. Thanks for stopping by.

I bid you happiness.

©2011 by Del Banks


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    • badegg profile imageAUTHOR

      Del Banks 

      8 years ago from Southern Blue Ridge Mountains

      Thank you! It's always a pleasure to hear from a reader!

    • Eiddwen profile image


      8 years ago from Wales

      It is my pleasure to stop by and read this great hub.

      Thanks for sharing and I now voe up and look forward to reading many more by you.

      Take care



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