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A Fine North Georgia Town

Updated on July 21, 2011

A town on the cusp

Any given small town in America has its town leaders and town drunks. We all know the drunks, where they live and they really present no threat to anyone as long as they stay out of the truck.

Town leaders are another story; one becomes a town leader usually because of their wealth. I guess the definition of a leader would depend on the environment in which one gets this reputation. We have retired military leaders, people who have served their country with honor and distention and used the same principles at home.

Let’s just eliminate real war heroes and drunks and concentrate on the real people who farm, run stores and live relatively normal lives. Most of these wonderful people are on fixed income or social security and are stretched about as far as can be.

A small town that has no industry that can support a population of average people that move to the country for the scenic view and less stress in their lives. Now of course these fine people will have to have a rather large home and manicured lawn along with a tree car garage and a boat. In reality a small town where most of the year round citizens live on 5 acres or more and their second car is a John Deere and can most of the vegetables they consume all years long.

The Sheriff Office has about 4 cars, a full time jail deputy and that town drunk from earlier drives to the only gin mill in town to get lunch for the deputies in a cop car. We who live here understand this system pretty well and it’s no big deal at all. Once those new folks start moving in however they run for office of County Commissioner and such and start to bring us town folks up to date slowly. It usually starts with a small tax height on property and schools. That doesn’t sound too bad until you find out all your car tags are going up and now we pay real property on that damned old trailer in the yard too.

Usually everyday around noon we all have lunch at the dinner next to the gas station or the local gin mill just around the corner from the old court house they built in the middle of the highway so everyone drives in a circle one or two times before getting off back on the same street they left.

Well after reading the weekly paper come to find out there’s going to be a big ole shopping center down on the main highway coming into town. I don’t understand why anyone would build such a large place I hear it over 35 acres or so. The only grocery store we have for miles is just up the street from that new mall they are calling themselves and you can pretty much get anything you need there. We have pretty near 10 thousand people living here now God only knows what this place is going to look like in a couple years. One thing about small towns here in Georgia, it seems like there is a stock car driver around every corner, oh hell he probably never make the big time though.

Did you hear about the big barn fire the other night just down the street from the new sheriff’s office? It burned to the ground and every volunteer fireman was on the scene drunk, I guess there was a few milk jugs of shine in the barn, not to worry the rest of the stuff was taken into evidence for safe keeping.

It’s not so bad around here and maybe those rich people moving in from Atlanta and other parts of Georgia will learn our ways and just blend in.

When I first started writing about our little town we only had one commissioner about 4 deputies a full time Fire Chief and everyone else just hung around the fire station at night drinking coffee and playing cards. As the years have passed and more folks moved in there are subdivisions everywhere now. I hear we are going to get a new high school and everything, I think that’s a little much, everyone here has gone to the same school from first grade up oh well at least we all know each other. Guess what else, the new county part is building a swimming pool and putting in a couple base ball fields , who said progress was bad for a little ole north Georgia town.


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