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A Guide to the Leeds Bradford International Airport, West Yorkshire, England

Updated on July 22, 2010
Leeds Bradford International Airport
Leeds Bradford International Airport

In UK’s Yorkshire region is the Leeds Bradford Airport, which is the largest in the region. Serving major cities like Bradford and Leeds in West Yorkshire, this transport hub used to be called Yeadon Airport back in the 1930’s. In all of the UK, this airport rests on the highest elevation, estimated to be over 200 meters above sea level.

In its earlier decades, the airport served domestic flights within the region, connecting visitors to and from locations such as Yeadon and Liverpool. Furthermore, this airport actually holds a historic significance to the British Air Force, especially during World War II. An aircraft factory was established near Leeds Bradford Airport, and there were runways built to connect the facility to the factory.

In 1947, after the war, the airport commenced operating civil flights, and the gates and runways have never stopped being busy since. Years later, flights coming from various European cities were welcomed, including those from the capital city of London. The Yeadon Airport became accessible from Dublin, Dusseldorf, Belfast, and others.

Aircraft from Airlines
Aircraft from Airlines

At present, Leeds Bradford Airport exchanges flights from 13 airlines, serving the UK and different nations in the European Union. Examples are KLM, flying to and from Amsterdam;, serving cities like Paris, Barcelona, Geneva, and Venice, to name a few; and Pakistan International Airlines shuttling passengers to Islamabad.

Said to be one of the top 20 busiest airports in all of the UK, Leeds Bradford’s majority of passengers come from Amsterdam and Dublin. Nearly a quarter of a million flyers to and from these destinations were tallied in previous years.

Train depot at Bradford Forster Square
Train depot at Bradford Forster Square

Getting to the airport from the cities of Leeds and Bradford is both quick and convenient. Travelers may opt to take coach services offered by Leeds City Bus Station and the Bradford Interchange. The airport may also be accessed via train, through the Leeds railway station and the Bradford Forster Square. Two of the nearest rail depots are in Horsforth and Guiseley. 

Within the next decade, the airport will be undergoing massive expansions to accommodate more airlines and aircraft. The management hopes to double the number of passengers shuttled within the gates in coming years. Expansion will also include additional car parking spaces, offices, hotels, as well as accessibility to other railway lines.

The official website of the Leeds Bradford Airport can be viewed at According to statistics and reports by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, in 2009 alone, about 2.5 million passengers have come and gone through the gates of the airport. Until the present, Leeds Bradford continues to be one of the busiest in the nation.


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