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Clothing Emergency Assistance - Survival Tips for Clothing Emergencies - Use a Sewing Kit

Updated on November 28, 2017
Inspection before-hand helps prevent clothing emergencies.
Inspection before-hand helps prevent clothing emergencies.

Clothing Emergencies

You never know when clothing emergencies will happen. You could be on your way to work, a hot date, or to a special event when all of a sudden you look down and discover a missing botton, a frayed hem, or some other clothing abnormality that should not be.

Of course you notice the clothing emergency when it looks like there is practically nothing you can do about it. Furthermore, if you took the time to make the clothing repair, you could be late for your appointment, date or event.

Another example of a clothing emergency is one that could happen just before your coveted job interview. Imagine you are waiting in the lobby with others when out of the corner of your eye you notice one side of the hem of your skirt hanging longer than the other with a long stray piece of thread clearly visible. You are already nervous because of the job interview -- now you are really uncomfortable and began to worry about your dreaded hanging hem.

These are just a few examples of clothing emergencies. Actually, clothing emergencies can happen any place when it is least expected. A clasp or botton could become disengaged or a seam on your otherwise impeccable clothing could become loose. All types of unexpected clothing disasters could happen, sometimes at the most inopportune moments. There is no need to panic though. The good news is there is a solution for clothing emergencies that is not expensive and will not take up much of your time.

Solution for Clothing Emergencies

Here is the quick, easy solution to your clothing emergencies. Simply have a sewing kit always at hand for these situations. You will not only be ready for your clothing emergencies, but by being prepared, you will have peace of mind as well. Remember that hanging hem you had at the job interview? All you have to do is excuse yourself to go to the rest room with your handy sewing kit neatly hidden away in your suit case or purse, and you can perform your emergency clothing repairs in private.

When I travel, I make it a habit to take my compact sewing kit along. If I'm shopping at a grocery store in another city, I do not want to be caught unawares with a missing button, even if I'm just out and about. The clincher is I will probably be around other people and I do not want to act or look self-conscious. When on a road trip, I bring along a sewing kit that snaps shut and do not take up a lot of room in my suitcase, similar to the one shown.

Choosing a Sewing Kit

The sewing kit you choose depends on your preferences. For instance, you may prefer a sewing kit that is durable and large enough to not be misplaced easily. On the other hand, you may choose a small sewing kit that will fit in your pockets or purse. A sewing kit that measures 7 inches long, 4 inches wide and 2 inches deep could be the size you prefer. The smaller kits have their advantages as well, including ease of handling and portability.

An essential item for your sewing kit is scissors. You may want to avoid tiny scissors that tend to break easily. Instead pick a sewing kit that has scissors that are durable, are at least 5 1/2 inches long and have a rubber handle that is comfortable to hold.

You may choose sewing cases made of transparent plastic. The clear, plastic cases allow you to see at a glance the supplies you may need to use for your clothing repair.

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Contents of Your Sewing Kit

Here are the items that should be included in your sewing kit:

  • Pair of scissors
  • Small box of straight pins
  • Measuring tape, made out of cloth (no paper or plastic)
  • Small plastic box of safety pins
  • Extra buttons of different sizes and colors
  • Pin ball cushion
  • Sixteen or more spools of thread in different colors
  • Needle threader
  • Thimble
  • Needles of varying sizes
  • Slim metal button hole mender (This item looks like a very tiny two prong fork with a tiny plastic handle).
  • Overall plastic snap case that holds all the sewing/mending supplies

You should treat your sewing kit as a necessity -- just as much as your toiletries and other required items. In fact, you should not travel anywhere without it. You may want to keep an extra sewing kit home at all times -- one for travel and the other as a spare.

Clothing Emergency Tip

If you tend to use one color thread more so than the others, to save time, have the needle already threaded and ready for use, before your clothing emergency happens.

Make the Most of Your Sewing Kit

You will benefit from your sewing kit based on how frequently you use it. However, you can also gain value from peace of mind in knowing if there a clothing emergency occurs -- you will be ready for it. Remember, the sewing kit will not be used only for clothing emergency repairs. You may use your sewing kit when you want to relax, and mend clothing such as reinforcing loose buttons and other repairs. Additional uses for your sewing kit include quick mending fixes for pillows, pillow cases, stuffed animals or other material repairs.

There is no need to try to save money by buying additional spools of thread or other items in the kit as replacements. It is just as cost efficient to buy another complete sewing kit as a spare -- especially since some sewing kits are so inexpensive.

Make Using Your Sewing Kit a Habit

Hopefully, you are convinced to get one of these must-have sewing kits. If you do not already have one, why not give the sewing kit a try? There's always clothing that has loose buttons, need to have sewing reinforcements or other type repairs done.

Be confident that as long as you have your sewing kit -- whatever happens, you will be prepared for those unexpected clothing emergencies -- at any time and at any place.

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