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A Winter Festival in Lambertville, NJ

Updated on September 30, 2013

The Lambertville-New Hope Winter Festival

Every year the twin river towns of Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, Pennsylvania, host a mid-winter festival of food, fun, games and other good stuff. Today's parade marked the opening of the annual event. Come with me and through the magic of Hubpages we can watch the parade together.

The twin towns of Lambertville, New Jersey and New Hope, Pennsylvania face each other across the Delaware River connected by two bridges and centuries of people crossing them. The river also serves as the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. A principal commercial street runs over a bridge through both towns. Not surprisingly it is called "Bridge Street."( Liquor and gas are cheaper in New Jersey. Cigarettes are cheaper in Pennsylvania,which means the residents of both towns cross the bridge a lot.) Today's parade started on Bridge Street in New Hope, crossed the bridge, and proceeded up Bridge Street in Lambertvile. It was a beautiful morning--crisp, chilly and people came from miles around. It was just great. Here are a few photos I took along with a few irreverent comments.

Antique truck and Elmo
Antique truck and Elmo | Source
Bridge Street,Lambertville,New Jersey
Bridge Street,Lambertville,New Jersey | Source

Here they come...I love a parade!

Isn't this fun? The New Hope Police lead the way over the bridge--lights flashing. Way in the distance on the bridge you can see the marching bands and we could hear them.

The stone building on the left is the old Lambertville Railroad Station, now a fancy restaurant that attracts an upscale, year round cliebtele. The railroad is long-gone. The restored building is very elegant and in summer boasts a lively terrace bar next to the old railroad tracks where patrons can enjoy drinks and light fare.

Bridge Street is a wonderful combination of past and present and has great charm. It's a perfect place for a parade.

Whats a Parade Without Kids and Floats?

Proud Future Farmers of America enjoy the ride
Proud Future Farmers of America enjoy the ride | Source

And String Bands

Hearing these guys play " Wait till the Sun Shines, Nellie" made me feel like I was at the Mummers Parade on New Years Day in Philadelphia. It was glorious--we were all clapping and strutting too.

marching band
marching band

And More String Bands

mummers on parade
mummers on parade

And Strutting in the Street

more mummers
more mummers
Everybody in town was watching the parade
Everybody in town was watching the parade

A Good Time Was Had By All

And then it was over,leaving in its wake a feeling of good cheer and neighborliness. The mayor kissed babies. Merchants opened up their stores. Friends,neighbors and complete strangers smiled and chatted on the street. I walked around town and enjoyed the day. Somehow it is comforting to remember that along with McDonalds, suburbia, environmental pollution, nukes and nut-jobs, this too is America.

To take a little stroll around Lambertville,check out the video below.


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