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A Saturday Morning Adventure @ Modderfontein Parkrun

Updated on May 29, 2014

Bruce Fordyce - Comrades Champion

An Atheletes Dream

Created and envisioned by ex south African Comrades Marathon athlete Bruce Fordyce, Parkrun is an outdoor running experience that marries the outdoors and trail experience with awareness of our beautiful natural reserves and parks.

I have wanted for some months now to try this adventure out as I love the outdoors and even the occasional jog and was even more motivated when I noticed that Discovery Vitality offer a 500 point reward for finishing!

This morning I attended my first event and I can assure you, it will definitely not be my last!

Exercise Meditation in Action

I am not always able to get to the gym more than twice a week and I must admit I get quite bored on the treadmill after a few weeks. This run has been such a breath of fresh air for me - literally!

The beautiful views and the crisp clean air are such a boost and its so much fun to be out in nature you almost forget you're exercising!

I walked much of the course the first time as I couldn't help but stop and take photos and i've found myself returning several times more just for the sense of peace that descends on me from having had exercise outdoors under crisp blue skies.

Its a truly affordable way to spend a morning out and will deeply enrich your life.

A Winning Concept

In true winning mentality fashion, Bruce has married his passion for the sport of running with his passion for people and the environment. These parkrun events happen all over the world and here in SA there are several venues, each with their own unique fauna and flora.

The Parkrun website is very useful and several of the parks have their own clubs, Facebook pages and websites. I spent some time looking around at the trails offered in my area before choosing Modderfontein as i wanted a quiet, relaxing, country morning out of the house.

At present the runs are held in National Parks & Reserves all over SA, its worthwhile taking a look at the website and finding one in your area.

Freedom, Fun & Fitness

The Parkruns are very casual in that you may join whether you are a serious athlete training for an event, for just wanting to enjoy the scenery and take your dogs for a stroll (provided they are on leashes and trained of course!)

I have only experienced the Modderfontein Reserve so far but was pleasantly surprised at how well organised it was and the strong sense of community and joy that the event creates.

There are picnic spots for after where you can enjoy some time out with family and friends. Discovery offer a free cup of coffee and there are some stalls to buy food - failing that there is a coffee shop where the regulars meet for a cuppa and a catch up within the reserve - The Dynamite Cafe, which also happens to be pat of a Museum and Dynamite Factory!

Whether you choose to walk or run the 5km circuit, you'll thoroughly enjoy the landscape. The trail is well looked after and easy to manage.

Should you want to visit the park at any other time and enjoy all that the reserve has to offer, it costs just R 30 p/adult.

Picnic & Family Area

The Dynamite Cafe & Museum

The Modderfotein Reserve


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