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A State of the Art Colossal Structure

Updated on February 5, 2014
Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX.
Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. | Source
Statue of Tom Landry outside Cowboys Stadium
Statue of Tom Landry outside Cowboys Stadium

Whether you are a Cowboys fan or not, the famous Cowboys Stadium, once dubbed “Jerry’s World,” in Arlington, Texas is as massive and impressive as they come. Texas is known for their bigger is better motto and Jerry Jones most certainly out did himself when he put up almost $1 billion of his own money to finance the colossal $1.3 billion stadium for his beloved Cowboys. He spared absolutely no expense when it came to the size, decor, and modern technology it took to make Cowboys Stadium one of the top architectural structures in the world. Most areas of the stadium appear to belong more in a 5 star hotel than in a stadium where thousands of die-hard fans ruthlessly cheer for their favorite team. The style and luxury seen throughout the stadium is unparalleled in the world of sports.

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The jumbo tron, hailed as the "Jerry tron" with a semi truck for scale.Concession stand with TVs above for lower level seating.Concession stand with TVs above for upper level seating.
The jumbo tron, hailed as the "Jerry tron" with a semi truck for scale.
The jumbo tron, hailed as the "Jerry tron" with a semi truck for scale.
Concession stand with TVs above for lower level seating.
Concession stand with TVs above for lower level seating.
Concession stand with TVs above for upper level seating.
Concession stand with TVs above for upper level seating.

One of the most prevalent items throughout Cowboys Stadium are the TV screens. The enormous jumbo tron, called the "Jerry tron" by some, is an awesome sight by itself. When the stadium was first built, it was the largest jumbo tron TV in the world. Now, it is second best but still a spectacle. In fact, it dominates the view of the whole Cowboys Stadium field. It ensures that every seat in Cowboys Stadium has a front row view of the plays happening on the field. Then, if you happen to need a drink while watching a game, the concession stands on each level are equipped with TVs above the stands and throughout the lobby. If you were to watch a game in Cowboys Stadium, you would not have to miss a minute of the game.

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Romo and Witten lockersPress room near Cowboys Locker RoomDallas Cowboys Locker RoomInside the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders dressing roomTable tops at the Dr. Pepper pavilionJerry Jones' private viewing suite.
Romo and Witten lockers
Romo and Witten lockers
Press room near Cowboys Locker Room
Press room near Cowboys Locker Room
Dallas Cowboys Locker Room
Dallas Cowboys Locker Room
Inside the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders dressing room
Inside the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders dressing room
Table tops at the Dr. Pepper pavilion
Table tops at the Dr. Pepper pavilion
Jerry Jones' private viewing suite.
Jerry Jones' private viewing suite.

For those not interested in sports, football, or the Dallas Cowboys, the stadium offers amazing architectural feats, including being the world's largest domed stadium, the world's largest retractable roof, and giant glass doors at the end zones that can slide to open. The immensity of being in a structure so large is both overwhelming and humbling. Two massive arches that span the length of the field, can easily be compared to the legs of a giant. These things are all supported by foundations made of tons of concrete. Plus, the stadium contains an impressive art collection, albeit centered around football. The majestic stadium acts as a model for those who enjoy contemporary architecture and art.

The gigantic Cowboys Stadium is a spectacular sight. If you ever find yourself in Dallas, or around Dallas, it is worth at least checking out the stadium; and, for about $30, you can take a VIP tour of the world’s most extraordinary sports stadiums and, for those on a budget or those who are unwilling to pay $30 to see every corner of Cowboys Stadium, there is a self guided tour available for about $18. Both tours include field access, on days when the stadium is not being prepared for an event and the pro shop is a pretty amazing sight for those Cowboys fans out there.

Cowboys Stadium from E Randol Mill Road.
Cowboys Stadium from E Randol Mill Road.

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      My daughter of 15 seems to have NDPH for 2 1/2 years. She was so alive until this hit her. We think this stteard from the Chicken Pox or maybe Mono. Her whole nervous system has been messed up. We have been to every type of Doctor you can think of. Her headaches start out around 4-5 in the morning and increase to level 7-9 at night before bed. We have tried every migrain medicine on the market but not one help the headache. We go to the emergency room sometimes 2 times a week. The doctors won't even admit her any longer. Some narcotics work the first time bringing the levels down from 9-10 to 3-4. The next time we go it does not work. She seems to get resistent to the drugs after first use. She is nauseous all the time and is no longer going to school. We are going to look into a spinal leak or possibly neck issues. She had a nerve caterized in her next with no luck. One treatment we hope to try is a lidocain or ketamine infusion. I was wondering if anyone has tried these for their headaches. The Childrens hospital in Seattle is using lidocaine infusion with some successs. There is a pain clinic in Salt Lake City that is using the Ketamine Infusions because they last longer (up to 3 months). We have tried the triptons, erogots, and every other type of medicine. She was put on a pain patch this last week but I don't think it will help at all. Her pain tolerance has been affected also. She had an out patient surgury to remove the galblader that should have been an out patient procedure. She was in the hospital for a week with so much pain. I will never stop looking for an answer to this. There has to be one. I am so tired of the doctors where we live. They think it is in her head and don't think she is in as much pain as she portrays. Make me so mad. I am glad i found this site but it made me even more sad and hopeless.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Hi Lindsay and Amy I really hope you reply even tuhgoh it has been 2 years since you've posted on here I'm so glad to have found this site. My name is Nichole and I am almost 23 years old, I have suffered with NDPH since I was 16. I was a Sophomore in high school, it was near the end of 2006 when I got sick with bronchitis and the flu and coughed and coughed and noticed I had a really terrible headache with it. Once the sickness went away I noticed that the migraine, that pain in my head that had been so foreign to me prior to this, had not gone away, and still has not to this day I had to be home schooled and quit all of my sports I was a part of My friends went on with their lives and forgot about me while I had a constant 24/7 pain that I could not get rid of no matter how hard I tried or how much it killed me, physically and mentally. We began with Chiropractors, decompression machines, adjustments, etc. I traveled hours to probably 20 different Chiropractors that all said that they knew what I had and exactly how to treat it. I've tried natural supplements, over the counter medications, 6 Occipital nerve blocks in the back of my head, massage, diets of no wheat, no gluten, no sugar, vegan only, all with no progress. My family understands the pain and how I can be ok one minute but then pick up something slightly too heavy, walk a little too fast, sit down a little too hard and I will have to be in my room with blankets over my windows and absolutely no sound because the pain is so unbearable. It is so frustrating because I too feel like a burden, like ok you have a headache so what? Why can't you stay out late or get up early or work long shifts or run around and be active? But it is so much more than a headache It's become a way of life and although I think I handle it well I know that deep down I am depressed and deeply saddened by it because anytime I stop to think about it or talk to anyone about it I cry instantly. Lindsay, I too have tried the things you have with no help and at Cleveland Clinic where they did my nerve blocks they told me about the program where you stay there for an amount of time. My option they told me about when staying there was a few weeks, they would put me on all these medications and steroid medications, have physical therapy and counseling as well. They also said the FDA would soon be approving the Botox injections, I'm sorry those did not help you either NDPH has altered my life drastically, I can't work as much, I can't run around and just be free, I can't take a full load of classes at a time Basically I just want to thank you for having this site Amy, it is really more helpful than you know, just knowing that I'm not the only one to suffer from this and that I'm not the only one that has this pain to think about every single second of every day Bless you and bless all your readers, may you all find relief from the pain -Nichole

    • morningstar18 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Albuquerque, New Mexico

      Thank you for commenting. I am sure the fans appreciate it and I am sure that he enjoys it because it will be there even after he's gone.

    • Highland Terrier profile image

      Highland Terrier 

      6 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      very interesting info. Hope the fans appreciate it.

      Hopr he lived long enough to enjoy it


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