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Living in Japan : How a good start looks like

Updated on September 6, 2015
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Amine is a young man who likes to debate about almost any subject there is, currently studying chemistry at college.

Kyde and Eric

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We're on the teacups!  kyde and ericOtaru is wonderful in the winter! , kyde and eric japanNikkō, Japan - November 11, 2012. Kyde and Erickyde and eric in japan Fujigoko (Mt. Fuji's Five Lakes) & Hakone, Japan | September 20-22, 2013. Kyde and EricWe went on a trip to the Izu Peninsula over the weekend! A video of the trip will exist in a couple of weeks! , kyde and eric japanKumamoto is amazing! , kyde and eric japan
We're on the teacups!  kyde and eric
We're on the teacups! kyde and eric | Source
Otaru is wonderful in the winter! , kyde and eric japan
Otaru is wonderful in the winter! , kyde and eric japan | Source
Nikkō, Japan - November 11, 2012. Kyde and Eric
Nikkō, Japan - November 11, 2012. Kyde and Eric | Source
kyde and eric in japan
kyde and eric in japan | Source
Fujigoko (Mt. Fuji's Five Lakes) & Hakone, Japan | September 20-22, 2013. Kyde and Eric
Fujigoko (Mt. Fuji's Five Lakes) & Hakone, Japan | September 20-22, 2013. Kyde and Eric | Source
We went on a trip to the Izu Peninsula over the weekend! A video of the trip will exist in a couple of weeks! , kyde and eric japan
We went on a trip to the Izu Peninsula over the weekend! A video of the trip will exist in a couple of weeks! , kyde and eric japan | Source
Kumamoto is amazing! , kyde and eric japan
Kumamoto is amazing! , kyde and eric japan | Source

Living in Japan is a huge dream for so many of us,but actually some of us did it and found themselves in the middle of this incredible modern country that ruled the world with its technology and fascinated the people with its traditions. Some of us wants to live there because they watched too much anime, but for others it's just this desire to discover this Japanese world that seemed so far away to reach. Kyde and Eric were among the few who actually wrote their own destiny and left the USA to start living their dream in real life . In this few videos that were made by Kyde and Eric you can follow and see how leaving your home country and starting a new life in a new country really can be.

At first you need to know

In the year 2009, Kyde and Eric decided who were at that time not married to quit the USA and travel around the world. They visited a whole bunch of different countries like Egypt Emirate Oman, Thailand Japan, India and a lot more, to come finely to the decision that yeah Japan could be a nice place to start a new life. Starting a new life in a different country that has such a different culture can turn out to be pretty difficult, so you might want to rethink about which country you want to live in. Well, you don't have to travel around the world to make your decision even if doing so could be very helpful ,but doing your research and knowing which country is theoretically best for you will do the job too ,and grant you a neat idea of what's awaiting you over there .

Living in japan part one

In the first part, finding a job that can support your new life, which by the way includes lots of things that I will mention later is your first concern to worry about once you do decide to come to Japan. And like Kyde an English teaching job is the most common first job a foreigner can find. Well, this is so because in most situations the majority of foreigners that decide to live in Japan speaks very well English (native English to be honest), so it's no wonder that kyde got that job. But it would be a miracle if she didn't have an at least four years college degree considering the fact that without it you won't even obtain a working visa. So again, no four years college degree no working visa. Yes, you can enter Japan with other visas, but you have no right to have a job except two kinds of visas, a student visa and the so called holiday visa, and with those two visas you can have only a part time job and the number of hours you are allowed to work per week is limited.

Well, having an English teaching job in Japan doesn't mean you're necessitated to speak Japanese ,at least not very well . But learning Japanese is very important, in the end you're thinking about staying there , don't you? .

But taking just any English teaching job is not that wise ,in the end you could end up having an apartment that is too far away from your working place . Well , Kyde had to take a bike to get to her job which was how she said "lame" . So you should consider a job that either offers a favorable place to stay (includes in the contract an apartment that's close to you're job) ,which means it has to be no more than 10 to 15 minutes away from your work or see if you can find an apartment that's close to your work . Owning a car will be too expensive for you at the beginning due to your financial situation and the high taxes and parking fees .

Living in japan part two

Well, in this part, it's not about how you can make it faster and safer to Japan, but more how incredibly and fascinating the culture can be over there and I don't need to mention how it will entertain you.You will understand a bit more how the culture really is over there, and how it differs from the bit unrealistic anime and manga world. You'll find out how climbing mount Fuji and attending an original Japanese festival actually can be and how it feel like when you become a part of this fascinating traditional atmosphere and getting a good taste of how the Japaneses do parties. I also recommend you to watch the third and fourth part if you want to see how normal people live in Japan, well somewhat normal people.

Tokyo apartment cost

This video is very interesting because you will gain a valuable idea of what an apartment in Japan will cost you and especially in Tokyo . Like this you will also receive a somewhat good feeling of what a jobs payment should be. Well, I will give you the big idea of it , so you have like eight points to think about and most probably pay for. You need to go to 35:00 min in the video to get to this :

  • Month's rent : you will pay that every month ,Kyde and Eric pay for this apartment more than 109,000 yen.
  • Maintenance fee : you will pay that with the rent every month.
  • Realtor fee: is the fee you're obligated to pay to the person who will show you which apartment is available to rent and all. Why do you need a Realtor?, well, that's because you can't in Japan just go around and ask people to rent you an apartment. Soyou have no choice but to bring yourself a Realtor and he should be an acceptable one.
  • Key money: it's how Kyde said a way to say thank you for the landlord for letting you live in the building , you're required to pay that one time per contract .
  • Deposit : it's a one month's rent ,you could receive a small part of it back .
  • Insurance : is a one time payment that covers every possible damage that could happen to your stuff during that contract .
  • Key/lock replacement fee
  • Guarantor company : a company that will pay your rent if you don't do it yourself ,but you will still have to pay the company and ,this is pretty normal in Japan .

To understand better this list and see the whole numbers you may play the video shown above and go to 35:00 min. How you most probably know starting a new life in Japan can be very expensive, Kyde and Eric paid for the apartment in this video more than 4000 $ at the begging ,so I recommend you to bring at least 6000$ with you . I also should mention that the average payment for an English teaching job per month is 250,000 yen so somewhat around 2500$ or so. So you should consider getting yourself a part time job as an extra boost, of course, if you don't speak Japanese your best option is teaching some extra hours .


Increase you chances in finding an English teaching job

In the past few years the TEFL Certificate ( *TEFL is an acronym that stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language) has become progressively valuable. It's not necessary for finding a job, but it can increase your payment and lets you land faster, a new job , you can enroll the online courses or the class courses. But you should beware of the fact that there are tons of TEFL online courses out there that are pretty much worthless, especially the cheap ones , some I do recommend are the bridge TEFL course the I-to-I TEFL course and the Toronto TEFL courses and the TEFL worldwide Prague and there are few more satisfying with a good reputation.

you may use any part of the text here as you please, but you are obligated to put a link back to this page. if you wish to use any of the videos here you may do so, but you need to put a link back to the owners of the videos which will be , thanks.


I highly recommend you guys to visit Kyde and Eric's website where you'll find more valuable videos. Very informative, very interesting. Believe me if you have any attention to dig deeper into this subject, then their blog and YouTube channel will be an excellent place to start your research, and I also recommend you guys to email them, they are very cool and very nice and they mostly reply to all email in less than two days.

© 2015 amine sehibi


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    • profile image

      Rocco 25 

      2 years ago

      Interesting article, would be grait if one could relocate into japan.

    • amine-sehibi profile imageAUTHOR

      amine sehibi 

      3 years ago

      Yes you're right, you need a lot of courage to do this.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      3 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Very interesting article. I could not imagine relocating to Japan. It's one thing to transfer for work, but to just get up and move on your own, I have to admire people for trying it. The language and culture are so different. Voted up. Learned a lot. Thx.


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