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A look at Norfolk, Virginia

Updated on May 16, 2013

Getting to know Norfolk, Virginia

A Developing city!

When I, first, arrived at Norfolk, Virginia, it was just a little town with a few buildings. In fact, if you crossed a couple of streets, you had passed it. It was a small town with a touch of country to it. That year was 1978 and I was stationed in the Navy at the Norfolk Naval Base. After I got out, Me and my wife decided to stay in Norfolk,Va. All three of my boys were born here and my wife has acquired, somewhat of a Virginia accent, although she still acts New Yorkish(Smile)

I have seen Norfolk develop throughout the years. In 1983, the Waterside was constructed and it was, indeed, a big event. Economic prosperity started to flow in Norfolk as businesses started to boom and tourism came to the Waterside. Waterside had a litte bit of everything and had a festive atmosphere. One could see different Naval ships from Spain, Mexico, Chile and other countries.

Then, came the Harbor Park construction. It was, also, a great feat for Norfolk, It enhanced Norfolk's image for sports and baseball grew as a result of its construction, but its major feat was MacArthur Mall. It opened in March of 1999. It was a most awaited event, as potential shoppers waited in line to shop. A three story mall, it had the best Norfolk could offer. Its restaurants, shops and movies were unique and the parking was well done, accumulating loads of shoppers.

Dominion towers

Dominion towers is the tallest building in Norfolk, Virginia. It is home to many a businesses,among which is WNIS AM 790. WNIS is a well known radio station with Tony McCrini. A New Yorker, Tony decided to call the Hampton Roads area home. He provides interesting insights,humor and thought. If you want to get a taste of what is happening in Norfolk, listen to the website of WNIS provided below.

Granby Street, Downtown Norfolk

   This area had been just a row of old buildings and was going nowhere. Now, thanks to the leadership of Norfolk's mayor and its staff, it has gotten a facelift. There are now, businesses, that seem to be prospering. Next door to it is Tidewater community college as well as the Federal building. This area stays busy most of the time, even in the evenings. There are night clubs and late night restaurants that are opened late into the night.

Interesting mural in downtown Norfolk

   This face says it all. Imagine walking at night and seeing this. It will "jerk the slack" out of you. This picture was, brillantly, made with Frankenstein's monster walking aimlessly through the dark blue sky. My question is-Is he related to the Hulk? Look at its similarity-Green!


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