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A peaceful country in turmoil

Updated on July 27, 2011
My heritage of old school Norwegian
My heritage of old school Norwegian | Source

Yet Another Peaceful Country falls to the blade of terrorism

First of all I'm saddened by the lose of so many lives young and old alike.

We in America expect to see, hear and witness those who would harm and pillage. The cops here in America are very well trained and most have the resources to get to more remote locations and make the type of rescue that was perpetrated on the small island in Oslo Noraway

The once terrier of northern Europe, "The Vikings", have over the centuries have become a more gentle people,trusting and family oriented.
I'm guessing the eyes of the Norwegian nation are wide open a little more this date. A lesson to be learned here, a nation with such gun controls to the average person while the rest of the world is and has been in turmoil for years now.

We the people of the world must learn to be more self sufficient and security concusses of our surroundings and the risks to our loved ones. I hate it but my Ancestry country has dropped the ball on individual security, the government can't always be there for everyone so we must teach as we did in the past and as President Reagan one said "trust but verify".

This was a response to a story published today about the lake of security and the way the local police handled this offal crises. Yet again another country falls at the hand of a single persons actions.

It took America a long time to be the country that it is today. Yet we also have some of the same problems. Looking from outside of our borders inside, you might find a culture that is riddled with drug use,robberies,senseless killing of average people just standing on street corners being gunned down for no apparent reason at all.

The world court of opinion can be very harsh on others at times when the complications of an incident have so many unanswered questions.

There is no doubt in my mind that Norway is a fine place to visit, what the Norwegian people have is a serenity that not to many other countries have or ever had in the past. The Norwegian people are in morning and disbelief of their lost and this alone could play a major role in changing a society for ever.

As I said earlier my heart goes out to the parents and loved one's of the falling, in hopes that in coping with their lose the who country will advance into a more aware nation.

Just try to remember when you were about 2 or 3 years old and you got your hands smacked for the first time.Many of us learned a little at a time and so will the needs of a great people from Norway. It is my guest that in the next few years a once sleeping giant will show less trust and more vigilance against those that have chosen to make an example of great country by this senseless tradgity.

To those countrymen now living whom I may be related too, I bid you a fond new spirit of life and the new awareness of evil that exist on the worlds stage.


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