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Walking and bird watching in Şile-Istanbul

Updated on April 28, 2017

View from Şile

Touristic Places in Şile

Şile is a coastal small town, along black sea coast famous for its natural beauty and beaches, Şile is very near to İstanbul, just 70 km away.

The name of the town "Şile" means marjoram in Turkish. This small town has a very rich forest and there are plenty of marjoradam in this forest.

When you visit İstanbul, you can spend a day in Şile.

Where to visit in Şile :

The Lighthouse

Turkey's largest and the most beautiful lighthouse is in Şile. It was build in 1859, during the reign of Sultan Abdülmecit I in Ottoman Empire.

It is one of the lighthouses built during the war of Crimea, showing way to ships that will sail to İstanbul from Black sea.

The Ancient Castle

There is also the remains of Ocaklı Kale (“the Castle with an Oven”), A 12-meter-long section of the castle, built prior to the conquest of Istanbul, is still standing today.picturesquely sited on a rock just off-shore from the fishing harbor.

Weeping Rocks

Known as the ‘Weeping Rocks’, this underground spring that issues from between the rocks below Şile lighthouse has been immortalized in legend since the flow of water is reminiscent of a person weeping.

According to the legend, a wealthy village maiden by the name of Eftelya used to meet here clandestinely with her beloved Mehmet, a poor shepherd, and even the rocks would shed tears at the star-crossed lovers’ tragic predicament.

Historical Caves :

There are historical caves used as shalters for early Christians in Roman period, 30 caves are open to tourists.

Bird Watching in Şile

Istanbul is an ideal place to watch birds as every spring and fall thousand of birds imigrate from Asian to Europe and vice versa are passing İstanbul Bosphorus.

Pelicans, Storks, raptors, passerinas are all in İstanbul sky.

Şile is a small and attractive resort town at the black sea coast of Turkey. It is very near to Istanbul just an hour drive. Şile's forest, wet land and the rocky beach full of small caves are ideal place for these birds.

Among the six internationally accepted bird watching areas of İstanbul shores of Şile is an important location.

Beaches and Swimming

There are many natural, clean, blue flag beaches in Şile, I like Ağlayan kayalar (weeping rocks) and Kumbaba (sandyfather) beaches very much. Black sea is famous for its rough waves, and deep currents. Only good swimmers can enjoy swimming far from the shore. Normal swimmers are advised to remain near the shore.

Şile Market

Şile market is very lively the most popular item to buy is products made from the traditional, hand woven Şile Cloth.

It is made from % pure cotton. This cloth is light, cheap and health. Ideal to make a summer dress, a shirt or a night glow.

Şile women make special cloths from cotton treats in handlooms. These clothes are natural, comfortable, absorve sweat.

Hand made traditional embroideries also make the products more authentic.

There are many shops in Şile where you can by Şile cloth. Every year in summer Şile Cloth Festival is organised in the town. Concerts, dances, other organisations take place.

Şile is famous with natural chestnut honey also. The forest is rich by chestnut and oak trees and the flower of chestnut trees are a good nutration place for bees as it is very natural and not polluted. Chestnut honey is rich in pollen content and tastes a little bitter, compared to normal honey. Its aroma is strong also.

How to Travel to Şile

If you are visiting İstanbul, you can make a day trip to Şile.

There are busses from Üsküdar to Şile. Bus 139 A goes to Şile. The bus goes to Şile in 45 minutes. The fare costs 13 TL (around 6 dolars) .

Many local tourism firms also organise trips to Şile.

Food and Accomodation in Şile

What to eat :

The small harbour for fishers is a good place visit also. As many fishing boats are converted to restaurants, you can eat fresh, cheap and tasty fish with a beautiful sea view. Also the sea side restaurants have varity of sea products such as muslet, sea bass.

Accommodation :

If you want to stay a night in Şile there are various alternatives from 5 star hotels to family owned pansions. Among them are Dedeman Hotel, ağlayan Kaya pension, Violet park Hotel, Serenity by Fusa

When to visit :

Late Spring, Summer time and early September is the ideal time to visit Şile. In winter Şile will be windy and rainy.

Would you like to visit Turkey?

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    • bibliopola profile image

      Işın Tuzcular 3 years ago from Istanbul

      Thanks :) I hope you will come to Turkey.

    • junecampbell profile image

      June Campbell 3 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      What beautiful pictures you have posted here. I have always wanted to visit Turkey and this article makes me want to go even more. I will save my pennies.