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Addo Elephant National Park in Spring

Updated on November 16, 2012
An Elephants eye
An Elephants eye | Source
Mating time is Spring time
Mating time is Spring time | Source
Black-smith Lapwing chick
Black-smith Lapwing chick | Source
Zebras agains green background
Zebras agains green background | Source
Elephant Crossing
Elephant Crossing | Source
Buffalo taking mudbath
Buffalo taking mudbath | Source
Cattle Egret and Zebra
Cattle Egret and Zebra | Source
Black-shouldered Kite
Black-shouldered Kite | Source
Tawny Eagle
Tawny Eagle | Source

Addo in the Spring. The flowers are out in the Karoo.

A two night visit to the second largest National Park in South Africa about 300 km from East London was a delight. With summer approaching we packed out tents and trailer and headed down the coast to visit the Addo Elephant National Park. Two years ago we took our daughter and grandson Zac to the park for a similar visit and it was now time to do a revisit.

The Karoo vegetation was out in splendor with fields of yellow and purple flowers enjoying a backdrop of green mixed bush that provides ample food for the large herds of Elephants that roam here. Some large Kruger National Park bull elephants have recently been introduced to enrich the breeding population. The park is also important in that it has a large herd of Cape Buffalo, animals endangered in other parks because of bovine illnesses.

The Zebra looked particularly beautiful against the background of green and yellow. We saw at least 20 Tortoises and a good selection of raptors. Even in our campsite we listed at least 20 different birds that have become very confiding as they approach the human visitors to collect the odd scraps that fall on the ground.

One of the big plusses is a very child friendly swimming pool where one can escape the heat of the day in the cool water. Our grandson when asked what the best thing about the visit was answered without hesitation, “the swimming pool”.

One advantage about camping, rather than staying in the luxury air conditioned huts, is that one hears the many animal sounds at night. A large Porcupine roams the campground at night and we saw him again during this visit. Last night we heard Lions, Jackal and Elephant sounds that seemed really nearby. This morning we were told that a pride of lines had caught a baby elephant during the night near the camp and then dragged it to a nearby waterhole to enjoy their meal. The circling Vultures were evidence of the kill. We decided that we were glad we did not witness this rather heartbreaking affair, but at the same time also realized that this is part of the balance of nature.


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    • Johan Smulders profile image

      Johan Smulders 5 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Absolutely, the flowers are great after the good rains.

    • Gill Harris profile image

      Gill Harris 5 years ago from South Africa

      It is time to go back to Addo!

    • Johan Smulders profile image

      Johan Smulders 5 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Great two days. Thanks for the comment.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      A good review and wonderful photos. We have the same Cattle Egrets here! Thanks, Johan.