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Addressing An Envelope

Updated on December 16, 2009

Addressing an envelope can be a simple process if one has been taught correctly hoe to do so. For those who have not, this is how the process works.

First, you'll need a new envelope to start writing on. In the top left corner, write the return address. This is your home address, and the place where the letter will be returned to should the sending address be incorrect. This should be written fairly small. To write the return address, do so in this format:

John Doe
555 Somewhere Street
City, State 55555

Next, you need to write the sending address on it. This should be placed in the middle of the envelope. It will be in the same format as the return address, except written larger.

Seal the envelope after you put your letter inside. To do this, you can either lick the adhesive on the back flap, or use a wet paper towel to make the glue stick. Now you're ready for the last step, the stamp. Depending on how many papers you put into the envelope, you may need more than one stamp. If you are unsure, your post office can weigh it and tell you how many stamps are required.

Finally, mail your letter.


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