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Adelong NSW, Australia: Snowy Mountains, Gold Rush Heritage, Wines, Scenery, Snowfields

Updated on November 16, 2016
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The Australian town of Adelong is located at the entrance to the alpine Snowy Mountains on the Snowy Valleys Way in southern New South Wales. It is a town steeped in heritage of the goldrush days and is an excellent showcase of these times with the fully maintained examples of the gold diggings in working order and open to investigation. Adelong the village makes a magnificent base to discover all the delights of the region including local wine makers, lakes, streams teeming with trout, hills and mountains to climb, caves, timber plantations and or course the snowfields.

The town classified by the National Trust, and the protection includes of the gold works at Adelong Creek Falls, which are located just a walk along the creek from the town Centre. These is a host of local attractions, activities and events for visitors, tourists and holiday makers to enjoy.


Whether its snow skiing, angling for the elusive trout, bushwalking, camping out, fossicking and panning for gold, canoeing, mountain horseback rides and adventures, rodeos, or just leisurely lazing about then Adelong has it all. Stay awhile, linger a little longer and perhaps you will stay forever.

What's can You See and Do in Adelong

Adelong’s history is based on agriculture primarily sheep grazing and forestry. Over the years the dairy farms faded away and were replaced by beef cattle grazing. Tourism is also very important for the local economy.

In the mid 1800’s the local area was tranformed when gold was discovered and the community one stage had a poplution of 5,000. Tent towns sprang up all along the Adelong Creek and over several years more than 25 tonnes of pure gold were recorded as being won from the reef and alluvial mining in the area. It is considered that not less than 50% more gold was taken in excess of the official records.

Visitors can still see the remnants of the Gold Days by walking along Adelong Creek. Within the village, there are numerous fine heritage structures. Adelong's major street and its buildings has been registered by the Heritage Council.

The Adelong Creek winds through the village, an is it a straightforward flat and gentle stroll to the picturesque Adelong Falls and ruins of the mine. The Gold Mine is still operating on peak of Victoria Hill, though and tourists are not permitted inside. Many deep and unsafe shafts still exist in the area and so you need to tread carefully. Many tourist still enjoy gold panning along the creek and fossiking with gold detectors in the area. Although many people are secretive most people who try claim to find a bit of colour in the bottom of the pan. It is well worth a try.

The Adelong Alive Museum has wonderful active displays and videos of the heritage of the town. The museum includes a full panorama of the initial workings and numerous artefacts and articles pertaining to the past. Showcased in the museum is a display of the Reefer Battery and ore trampling mill, the remains of which are still evident at Adelong Falls.

The repository has some large photographs of the bygone eras. Generally open to match tourist desires, the repository, can be open by as required by telephoning +61 (0) 2 69462579.

Access to the Gold Ruins

The Gold Mill Reserve and Adelong Falls are easily accessible. By vehicle, head west down the major road and take the last turn right in the direction of Tumblong and Gundagai. The Falls entry is on the right, just past the supply yards. An easy and straightforward stroll from the car park, that is accessible for wheelchairs, takes visitors to the viewing arena. The more adventurous and nimble walkers can take the pathways leading down from the viewing area to Adelong Creek and the ruins. There are signposts recounting the various viewpoints.

Alternatively you can traverse over the swinging bridge, which can be discovered by strolling down the route adjacent the Swinging Bridge Café in the centre of town. Take the left hand route and walk along Adelong Creek to the ruins.

Touring Outside of Town

There are numerous wonderful places to visit and things to see strolling in the timber plantations, fishing along the streams, roaming through the scenic farmland areas, and exploring the vintage railway and buildings.

The South West Slopes in the Snowy Mountains area, has four distinct seasons - each with its exclusive hue and beauty.

Everything you see and do in Adelong is close by and easy to get to. There are many wonderful cool climate wineries in the Snowy Mountains area and lots of entertainment opportunities in Adelong and the surrounding towns and villages.

© 2011 Dr. John Anderson


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