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Affordable Sports Car Rental

Updated on September 26, 2015

Have you ever dreamt of riding a sports car but can’t afford to buy it? Then here is the solution for you. There is a car rental service known as sports car rental that allows you to hire an exotic sports car and fulfill your dream.

Affordable Sports Car Rental
Affordable Sports Car Rental | Source

For some people owning a sports car is status and privilege and for some it is a passion. You can also complete your wish by hiring a sports car for few days and amaze people by driving it like a blue moon. You can hire it at a fraction of its price. There is no need of mortgaging anything.

Procedure of Sports Car Rental

You have to do an internet search to find companies offering sports car rental in Singapore. It will be a little more time consuming to find an appropriate company because all companies do not provide the service of renting sports car.

It is not an easy job to drive a sports car. You have to do a crash course and qualify to drive it. Car rental companies offer this service. The procedure for renting a sports car is not over here. There are few more requirements to qualify for driving a sports car. You should be at least 25 years old with a clean license of 2 years. There should be zero blood alcohol before and during the driving day.

Advantages of Sports Car Rental

  1. Driving a sports car means driving in luxury.
  2. Most of the sports cars are rare and you are going to drive a rare car.
  3. Most of the companies rent these cars including fuel. So, there is no need to pay for it.
  4. If you are fond of driving a sports car, then it will give you a lifetime moments and a happiness of life.
  5. Most of the companies perform complete service and maintenance to make it look like it looked when it was made.

Disadvantages of Sports Car Rental

  1. Renting a sports car will be costly than a standard car.
  2. It is very difficult to learn a sports car in a day. It has several advanced functions, button and controls. You can’t learn everything in a day.
  3. As stated above that it is very hard to learn a sports car, it means you are taking risk of your life for the ride.
  4. Insurance charges will increase the cost of rental.

What is included in Sports Car Rental?

Sports car rental service provider will give you a crash course so that you can learn basics about it. Most of the time, fuel is included in the rental. The ride can be minimum of 15 minutes. You can hire a sports car for 15 minutes ride to a day or two and even for a week.

Different Types of Sports Car Available for Rental

  1. Porshce Boxster Roadster
  2. Ferari F360 F1 Modena
  3. Audi R8
  4. Ferrai Calfornia
  5. Ferrai F453 Etalia
  6. Ferrai F430 F1 Spider
  7. Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Have you ever dreamt of riding a Sports Car? Which 1, do share in comment..

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