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AirBNB or Hotels?

Updated on May 4, 2017

AirBnB vs Hotels

Whenever you travel, I know one of the hardest things in the world for me, was being able to book in advance or find a hotel that would match my accommodations requirements.

When AirBnB emerged on the scene, it really changed the level of the game in the hospitality and travel industry. Whenever you traveled I found, finding a clean inexpensive hotel was very difficult, as well as finding one that was not going to bombard you with taxes and you found it.

So, whenever faced with the problems of finding a hotel, that was inexpensive, clean, and minus the taxes and fees, AirBnB solved a lot of those problems.

I will always choose AirBnB over a hotel, simply because I can do my homework, research what area I will be staying during vacation or on business and choose my AirBnB location.

I have not had a bad experience with AirBnB and I have been using them for years now and I absolutely love it.I also think AirBnB keeps the hotel industry honest too. A nasty or unclean hotel will not survive in the hospitality business, it definitely will not last that long with AirBnB being the arena now.

AirBnB challenges the prices of hotels too. I found its is cheaper and more economical to stay in an AirBnB accommodation than it is for me to stay in a hotel room.

These are just my thoughts and like I stated, when you plan on using AirBnB, just do your research and ascertain where it is you want to stay during your travels and verify that the people you will renting their space from is trustworthy abd nice.

As I stated, I have yet to have a bad experience and I hope AirBnB will continue to thrive in the hospitality industry, because AirBnb is definitely a breath of fresh air to the hospitality industry.



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