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Airport Parking Car Break Ins Robberies Stolen Registration

Updated on March 14, 2013
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About Airport Parking

If you are going on a trip, whether for business or pleasure, you may be considering using Airport Parking.

Short Term Airport Parking will typically run you around $3.50 per hour or $25 for the day.

Long Term Airport Parking is usually around $20 per day.

Many people who are vacationing or going on business trips for multiple days opt to use Long Term Parking at the airport because it gives them convenience to accessing their vehicle immediately upon return. However, most people do not consider the potential dangers of Airport Parking if precautions are not taken.

Its Not Your Vehicle Thieves Want

A vehicle being in Long Term Parking implies that the owner of the vehicle is going to be gone for an extended period of time; at least two day or the vehicle owner would have used Short Term Parking instead. This is an easy way for thieves to pick their targets.

Think about the items you likely keep in your vehicle that you likely will not be taking with you on vacation:

1. Your vehicle registration

2. Your insurance cards or information

3. Possibly even a title

4. A Garage Door Opener

5. A GPS

Even if you not have a garage door opener, GPS, car title or your insurance information; all the thief needs in to obtain your address off your registration, which almost everybody keeps in their glove box. Once the theif has obtained your address, they can head to your home.

Vehicle Registration

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Vehicle Insurance Card

What Happens Next?

After your vehicle Registration has been stolen and your address has been obtained, the thieves will "scope" out your home. "Scoping" your residence means the thief will look for specific factors that will allow them to burglarize it quickly and easily.

How Robbers Choose Homes to Burglarize

There are several things robbers look for when selecting a home to rob:

First, robbers want to make sure the residence is easy to get into. FACT: Once a burglar has selected a home to burglarize, most will spend no more than a minute trying to break in and less than five minutes inside.

With that in mind, the easiest ways for a robber to enter are through a window (especially if it is ajar), a door (if you leave it unlocked - even better for them!), a sliding door or your garage door. In fact, Garage Door break-ins are the second most common reported break-in methods used.

While you may think that most robbers prefer to come at night and operate in the dark, the opposite is true; the majority of robberies occur in broad daylight. Why? Because most people are at work and most people do not expect robberies to take place in plain view.

How You Can Make Your Home Near Theft Proof

The idea of "I can't afford an alarm system" is no longer a valid argument. You can purchase an absolutely fantastic Simply Safe system for under $200 with absolutely no contract. The system is WIRELESS; no need to drill a single hole anywhere so your walls will NOT be damaged.

Monthly monitoring is only about $17 AND, the system is so cool that you can set up multiple PIN codes AND have a text message sent to your phone the very second a PIN is entered or the alarm is "activated". The text message will even tell you which PIN code deactivated the alarm as well as the EXACT time of deactivation.

In the event of a break-in, the thief will have 20-60 seconds from the time they enter the home before your alarm blares and police are en route. The blaring alarm is enough to make thieves run... its L-O-U-D. Although you can also opt to have the alarm set to "silent" and hope the police catch the robbers in the act.

Make Your Windows Stronger Without Buying New

Purchasing new windows can be exceptionally expensive, but you can easily reinforce an unsafe window by installing a plexiglass sheet on the inside. You can purchase sheets of Plexiglass from places like Home Depot or Lowes for under $50 for a huge sheet.

Plexiglass can easily be cut with a sharp razor blade. I suggest using something straight to "score" the plexi prior to cutting it. Check out the video below for a super simple tutorial.

How to Cut PlexiGlass Video Tutorial

Although installing plexiglass will not keep a robber out, it make it so much harder to break-in Remember the fact from above: the robber wants to get inside your home in a minute.

Simple Ways to Hide Valuables

While you can't easily "hide" your 72" television, you can avoid some major mistakes. Be sure that your television (or other valuables) are not seen easily through windows. Switching from Vertical Blinds to Curtains is the most simple way to keep a thief from scoping out what needs to be stolen.

Also, if you have a sliding glass door, Curtain it off as well. I personally love INSULATED curtains. They cost a tad more than regular curtains but they absolutely pay for themselves by keeping heat / air conditioning IN.

Keep Your Yard Clean and Trimmed

Keeping your yard free from debris and tall shrubbery helps reduce places where a thief can hide.

Hide Your Identity

NEVER have your name on your mail box or house.

Has Your Home Ever Been Robbed?

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