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Aloha! When is the Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii

Updated on April 7, 2014

Aah, Hawaii. Paradise. The dream vacation of lifetime. You only get one shot. You’re going to Hawaii but you’re on a budget. You need to get there and have the time of your life for the least amount of money possible.

Keep dreaming.

If you’re going to Hawaii, you’re going to pay. There is airfare, lodging and even the high cost of all those touristy things that you want to do when you arrive on the islands. Well, besides packing a Hawaiian vacation kit, there are some ways that you can save money on your airfare and your lodging to and in Hawaii.

It’s all about the timing of your vacation.


Timing Your Hawaiian Vacation Jusssst Right for Cheap Tickets and Hotels

There is a “down time” on the Hawaiian vacation season, though you wouldn’t think so because it’s such a worldwide sought after vacation destination. Hey, the United States isn’t the only country that vacations. Your Hawaiian vacation can be the stuff that dreams are made of or you can let it leave you broke for the next year or so.

From about the start of August to halfway through December is the best and cheapest time to visit Hawaii. The weather is perfect and the island is not run over with tourists. Why is this the “slow” time? Well, many people want to visit the Hawaiian islands during January through April, the coldest seasons in order to attempt frigid temperatures and snow. Also, a Hawaiian Christmas vacation seems to be a must do for many people.

You Already Have the Upper Hand

Airlines know that they are going to be madly slow on airfare revenue and passengers from August to December. So, to entice people to vacation in Hawaii at those times, they have already lowered the airfare during those months. Something that the airlines hate, though, are empty seats. So, when the time comes and those seat are already not filled under the discounted prices, they’ll lower the price even more. Nothing says “oh shit” to an airline like an empty seat.

That’s how Hawaiian airfare mega low deals are found. The airline will often drop their rates to rock bottom levels during the year for those flights that are leaving to and from Hawaii to avoid the stress of having to put butts in seats.

The same goes for the hotels in Hawaii. They want “heads in beds” and they’ll play the same price lowering game for rooms and stays during the same time periods.

This is how you can get great Hawaiian vacation package deals for the slow season.

When is the Best Time to Look for Hawaii Airfare Specials?

Generally speaking, Hawaiian deals on airfare and lodging should start to pop up around the very beginning of the summer. The winter surge has already come and gone so they airlines and hotels can already tell if they’re making money or not and will start to prepare for the “bathtub months”. However, you can find great deals on Hawaii vacations in some places all year long. So, keep checking all the time. Moving to Hawaii?

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© 2014 Ken Muise


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