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Amanpulo Resort - Bits and Pieces

Updated on June 14, 2010

Amanpulo Resort - the Best Resort in the Philippines

Okay, so I've basically written an introduction to my favorite resort - Amanpulo. You can check out my hub here. My next step - to provide bits and pieces of information about this place.

Getting There

Before going to the island, you need to take a flight to Manila (international or domestic). There's a complimentary transfer from the airport to Amanpulo's hangar, which is very near the international and domestic airports. In Manila, there are scheduled chartered flights to Amanpulo. However, please take note that there's only one company servicing Amanpulo. The plane this company uses is a 19-seater twin-engine turboprop plane (which is very well-maintained) and the round-trip fare per person is US$400.

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A front view of the clubhouseA peek at the scrumptious food served within the resort.Lounging by the beachOne of the golf cars available to the guestsBy the pier
A front view of the clubhouse
A front view of the clubhouse
A peek at the scrumptious food served within the resort.
A peek at the scrumptious food served within the resort.
Lounging by the beach
Lounging by the beach
One of the golf cars available to the guests
One of the golf cars available to the guests
By the pier
By the pier

If you want to charter your own plane or your own yacht or boat towards the resort, you need to get approval first from Amanpulo's management. Otherwise, your plane will not be allowed to land on the island's airstrip nor will your boat be allowed to dock on the island.

Getting Around the Island

Getting around the island is the least of your worries. In fact, you can explore the whole island in less than a day. A golf car is assigned to each casita and this can be easily driven by the guest. So, when you arrive on the island, make sure to use the golf car and go around the island first. Since the island is small, there's no way you can get lost in it.

Island Activities

The resort offers various fun activities that can help you relax and really get into the vacation mood. One is scuba-diving. Another is snorkeling. The island is surrounded by beautiful corals and a wide variety of sea life. You can also do windsurfing (this one is new, when I went there, this was not yet offered). Fishing is also another activity and so is sailing. You may want to go island-hopping when you go to Amanpulo. The other islands surrounding the resort are also beautiful.

If you're tired with all those sailing, snorkeling and scuba-diving, you can opt to stay within the island and sample their spa services. It's very relaxing and their masseuses are really good. Or you can just relax on the beach or swim in the 30 m. swimming pool. If you are the athletic type, you can even play tennis in their tennis court or jog around the island or even use the gym.

Believe me, you will not run out of things to do when you are in the island. It may be small, but it packs quite a punch in terms of providing its guests everything that they need to have fun while relaxing at the same time.

Food and Dining

The resort offers some really delicious food, cakes and pastries. There's a restaurant in the clubhouse. You can also dine in the Beach Club or the picnic grove or the lagoon club. Or better yet, if you're staying in a beach casita, you can have your own private (romantic) picnic in the beach fronting your casita. The restaurant and the other dining places offer various cuisines such as Asian and Continental cuisines. Don't forget to ask for your favorite wine or drink.


The resort has its own resident doctor and nurse. No need to worry about malaria, the resort is a malaria-free area (no vaccination for this is needed). The resort also has its own library and Wi-Fi and internet connections. Do not forget to drop by their souvenir shop, there are very good local / Philippine products in there.

Lastly, when you go to the resort, make sure to have fun, fun, fun. Going to Amanpulo is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you should enjoy to the fullest. Cheers!


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    • freaKIER22 profile image

      freaKIER22 5 years ago from Philippines

      Philippines really is something to consider when looking for a wonder vacation. Amanpulo is very beautiful