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Amazon Wild Life

Updated on June 23, 2013

Amazon is considers world largest rain forest and residence of thousands of animal species. Amazon rain forest covers 5.5 million square kilo meter and spread in several countries. Thirty percent of world animal spices thought to be present in Amazon rain forest. Amazon rain forest is home to more than three hundred mammals including several famous forest mammals. After cutting of large number of trees and food problems these mammals are fighting hard for their survivals.

Amazon rain forest is also big residence of all types of birds. More than one thousand five hundred types of birds species are found in Amazon. Some birds are permanent resident of Amazon rain forest and other are just using passing route to reach their original destinations. Bird life is very interesting in Amazon rain forest some of them struggle hard for their survival and care of their families.

Large types of reptiles are also available in Amazon rain forest. According to research more than four hundred types of reptiles species are living in Amazon rain forest some of them are now very rare.

Amazon life of these reptiles are very interesting most of them work hard for their survival. More than five hundred types of well knows amphibian are also living in Amazon rain forest. The Amazon has more than three thousand species of fish.

Geography of Amazon

A markeramazon -
Amazon River, Brazil
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