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Authentic Amish Restaurants In Lancaster PA

Updated on June 30, 2017
Meals are made from fresh produce from the garden.
Meals are made from fresh produce from the garden.

Amish Recipes

Traditional Amish Table Gatherings Kept

One reason travelers come to Lancaster, PA is because of the Amish. Their unique life style attracts many travelers who find it hard to believe that these people are for real. Going to an Amish restaurant that is authentic Amish cooking and serving the food to your table is an awesome experience. English, non Amish, children are amazed by watching and listening to their interaction with the adults. Travelers can watch them serve and enjoy a meal they have prepared for your table.

If we would ask our Grandparents or Great Grandparents how their meals were served, you will find out that it was much the same as the Amish today. We English people have changed to an informal method of eating. For many homes it's grab and run. Many families occupations historically were farms and gardens. Real food was processed and eaten at the table that was pick, dug, or pulled from the dirt in the garden. Food was not chemically processed, like today. Everyone sat down together and ate healthy food together. You would first eat bread, as the Lord's Prayer says, "Give us this day our daily bread" A half piece of bread had to be eaten before the meat, potatoes, vegetables, and a cold vegetable were passed. Then came the fruit and or dessert. This was quality time for all to visit and share life experiences. Everyone worked physically hard and needed their drained energy restored with food and water.

Amish made changes much slower over the recent years than the English people. Our ancestors drove horse and buggies! Our ancestors wore hats, called 'coverings' like the Amish woman do today. Our ancestors worked very hard on farms and ate home cooked unprocessed meals like the Amish do today. We, the English people, moved into the fast paced future. The Amish kept and teach the same values in their families from generation to generation. They still have a family unit and still eat together! They know how to cook, sew, live without electricity and do barn work, grow crops in the fields, and machinery repairs. Their work incentive is that the child graduates from one chore to the next more adult like chore. Work is a learning honor and they want to do the grown up thing that they see their siblings do.We English people do things because we "have to". The Amish attitude and mentality are so unique. They do not see themselves as slaves working out in the fields at a hot hour, but as an adult responsibility! Amish grow up so young and are not damaged by it. We English people take all our lives to grow up! We learn so much the hard way. Amish learn and teach!

Are all Amish the same way? Are all English the same way? No, there are variations in all sects. There is still so much that I'd love to learn off the Amish. One thing is the speed of their fingers. They get so much more done in less time than my time of getting something done. Cooking three bigs meals a day for the hard working crew is lots of work. They still have time to bake their breads, make desserts, cookies, canning, freezing, yard work , picking vegetables from the gardens, and still have fun! I use modern technology tools to do things faster and it is not so for them. Nor does processes foods taste as good as the home made from scratch foods.

Driving down the road, you will find roadside stands with Amish produce and baked goods. Their apple dumplings and wet bottom shoe-fly pies are to die for. Try their chow chow, which is a vinegar flavored vegetable mix and eaten chilled at a meal. If you can't take food home, eat at their restaurant. you will get their awesome cooking sitting around the table like they do three times a day. You cannot make yourself Amish, but you can enjoy the experience.

A Farmers Full Course Meal

Fisher's Amish Restaurant

(717) 847-4993

3368 Harvest Drive, Gordonville, PA 17529

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Authentic Amish Restaurant
Authentic Amish Restaurant | Source


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