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Amsterdam wild festivals

Updated on August 13, 2013

Whenever you come to Amsterdam, you're sure to be able to not only enjoy, but also taking part in some fun and distinctive holiday. The list of official holidays is pretty small:

New Year (January 1)

Queen's birthday (April 30)

Memorial Day (May 4)

Day of Liberation from Fascism (May 5)

Widely celebrated are Catholic and Protestant holidays, including Christmas (December 25-26) and Easter. But if you are looking for real, blow minding fun there are countless carnivals, festivals of colors and traditional fairs.

Arts Festival Uitmarkt

On the last weekend of August in a shocking scale festival - Festival of the Arts Uitmarkt is being held in Amsterdam, attracting people with very different tastes. For two days the city is digging into the power of all possible forms of art, both classical and modern. Five different events are taking place these days in Amsterdam, and by the way, the entrance to most of them is free. Concerts of classical and folk music, hip-hop, musicals, ballet and traditional dance-performances, all of these you will find during the festival.

Festival Hartjesdag

The Dutch never miss Hartjesdag festival with costumed parades, performances of circus and parties in a rustic style. It usually takes place in August. The holiday started in the XIX century, when the poor were given one day to hunt deer in a nobleman's estate. After scoring a deer, farmers staged daring festivities and feasting. It is not clear when and why during this holiday men began to dress up in women's clothes, women dress as men. Today, such dressing is added salt and pepper in this carnival.

Gay Parade

Universal unbridled joy and uninhibited reign in Amsterdam during the gay pride parade, which is held in late July - early August. These days, it seems like all gays, lesbians, transsexuals and transvestites come here to celebrate their freedom and love. It is interesting that this parade is international so you can find almost any nationality here. This bright, bustling holiday gathering in the streets and quays of Amsterdam thousands of residents and tourists, it is not related to sexual minorities to enjoy the merry procession of costumed participants from the heart.

On the last day of the festival the parade moves to the Amsterdam canals. According to tradition, it opens the mayor of Amsterdam. Thousands of spectators on the waterfront, on the bridges are watching the movement of barges and boats, marveling at the imagination of their designers for hours. Grab a snack as all restaurants in Holland will surely be busy.

Амстердам, Нидерланды

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