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An Ancient Fishing Village

Updated on October 3, 2016

The city of the God of Light

History and historical sites of Apolyont

Apolyont was established 2500 years old, its history reaches back to ancient Greeks. The town's name was "Appolliona", the town of light, in the honor of Apollo. There is an ancient temple of Apollo near the town also an ancient theater, aqueduct, St. Mikael’s church and a necropolis, city walls, castle ruins are present.

When I visited the region, I felt the pass life of the town, as there are traces of pass in each corner. Especially in centuries- old houses.

My Photo -Apolyont

For Historians and Photographers

Apolyont is a protected area, It is a frequently visited destination for historians and photographers. Besides the ancient ruins, Apolyont offers streets with old Greek houses, where women web fishing nets, repair crayfish trap baskets and go ashore fishing with their boats.


A markerGölyazı Bursa -
Gölyazı Merkez, Gölyazı Merkez, 16110 Nilüfer/Bursa, Türkiye
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A living Lake

Apolyont lake -Ulubat in Turkish- is declared as a living lake by the WWF- World Wide life Fund- The lake is shallow, surrounded by olive trees, fruit trees, vegetable fields. Those all are rich source for the migrating birds, at Lake Ulubat, formed by a tectonic collapse, is not too deep. The shallow waters of the lake, surrounded by fruit gardens and vegetable fields, are a rich source of nutrition for migrating birds.

Our Group near the Ancient Tree

Crying Plane Tree

The huge and old tree at the entrance of Gölyazı Peninsula, is one of the oldest treea of the region. Its is 740 years old. to Gölyazı Island, is one of the oldest plane trees in the region, is a monument. The tree is believed to be crying because of a tragic love story between a Turkish girl and a Greek man.

Lovely Apolyont -From my camera

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