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An Observation from Above

Updated on February 11, 2012


Written in a moment of quiet during my recent trip to London. Appreciating the small nothings about the city. I felt like conserving this simple memory.

Pictures of London

View from above
View from above | Source
Old Architecture
Old Architecture | Source
Busy | Source
Old and New
Old and New | Source
A Sweet Rendezvous
A Sweet Rendezvous | Source
Grey Skies
Grey Skies | Source

The queue of red buses, and black taxi cabs, all lined like toys. Yellow signs flashing the route numbers in the front revealing each passenger's destination. Glossy posters of Mr. Sherlock Homes and Watson decorating the sides. Moving in perfect unison, like clock-work on the narrow bus lanes.

Pedestrians looking left, crossing the streets quickly. A lone roller blader zipping across the side walk. A little boy in a red monkey cap, holding his parents (assumingly) hands on each side, attempting to draw their attention to himself as the adults seem to bicker about something.

The bare old gnarled trees standing guard in front of an old dilapidated grayed building on one side of the street. On closer look, there are revealing signs of this old structure once being a thriving theater, but alas shut down - are there clues why? On the other side, a posh apartment building with no trees out front to guard, but walled with a polished matrix of glass windows on one side and solid white wall on the other punched with square holed windows. The modern fitting in perfectly with the long forgotten.

The French patisserie on the perpendicular street getting ready to open. A young man dressed in black slacks and a white apron holding a tray of mouth watering slices of cakes, gateaux, tarts and muffins, decorating the display shelf. A little Christmas tree, neatly arranged by the door, right by the black sign with the breakfast specials for the day listed - what a perfect rendezvous.

Throngs of people emerge out of the underground tube station, some cross into the Sainsbury's grocery store on the opposite side, taking care of the last minute Christmas food shopping while they can before everything closes down for Christmas eve.

A clear sky for the most, but specs of gray straying loyally to give London it's wintery overcast image. No sun will shine today - But I don't mind as I enjoy this scene, taking in the buzzing traffic, the people and the cold grey morning sitting on the window sill of my 7th floor hotel room. My kind of blissful observations.

(c) Simply Untangled


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    • profile image

      Mita 4 months ago

      Virtual treat indeed.......

      Enjoyed reading it....

    • Simply Untangled profile image

      Rachana Anu Bhattacharya 6 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Thanks Genna East. I am glad you enjoyed the virtual visit. I love visiting this city.

    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      As any good writer, you are the quintessential observer. I do not know which is the more persuasive...the wonderful photos or your descriptions that literally take us there. I wished I were sitting there as well, looking out of that window. Well done! Voted up and more. :-)