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An excellent road trip entertainment accessory

Updated on March 13, 2013
Picture courtesy of GoGroove FM Transmitter - FlexSMART premium car cradle
Picture courtesy of GoGroove FM Transmitter - FlexSMART premium car cradle

Road trip – a great and recreational pastime

Some may argue, others may not, but the fact of the matter is, road trips are a great way to have a fun and exciting adventure.

It is seemingly cheaper than train or plane travel, you have complete control of your schedule as well as in-car activities, and you can appreciate the view and there is a better touch of personal experience.

This post is all about how to improve your road trip experience by using the right gadgets and techy car accessories. The information discussed here is applicable whether you are the driver or a passenger, going on a solo road trip or with a group. Lastly, the content of this post is suitable for new road trip adventurers and even seasoned ones.

Some Basic and General Info for Road Trips

When brainstorming for a road trip planning activity, it is only natural to think first about safety. It is important to have all the necessary items on board the car – things like a car tool kit, GPS navigation system (even traditional road maps), light meals and drinks, basic toiletries or sanitation items, flashlights, etc…

Be sure to pack similar items together and don't forget to trip check the items. After checking and packing the essential items then it is time to consider items to make the road trip more enjoyable - otherwise, it will be a long and boring zombie road trip.

Entertainment road trip items are generally provided by portable handheld devices - road trip gadgets. Such items typically include Tablets, mobile video player, portable audio mp3 player, smart phones, laptops or netbooks, etc… These items can be used as a road trip map, GPS guide, road trip movie source, etc...

Of course the above mentioned road trip gadgets may run out of battery after a few hours of heavy usage. Fortunately, this simple dilemma can easily be solved by a multi functional FM transmitter car. Aside from this useful benefit, FM transmitters are excellent car accessories when used in tandem with any road trip gadget.

What are multi functional car FM transmitters?

Before discussing what a multi function FM transmitter is, it is important to know some information about a basic or stand alone road trip FM transmitter.

For those who are not aware, FM transmitters are car accessories that can route the sound of any mobile device connected to it through the car’s speaker system. Simply put, the audio that is supposed to be outputted and heard on the mobile device, will now be heard through the car’s speaker.

Obviously, the benefits and advantages of such a feature is not that hard to understand. A good example would be a mobile phone. Some state laws prohibits having a mobile phone conversation while driving as it may likely lead to a road accident. However, with a FM transmitter that is compatible with a mobile phone, you can conveniently use it to make or accept a phone call without looking for, reaching for, and bringing the phone to your ears. There are still numerous advantage of using a FM transmitter but let us leave that to the creative imagination of the reader.

Going back to the main topic, what are multi functional FM transmitters?

Multi functional FM transmitters have all the basic functionalities of a FM transmitter only it can provide more benefits and advantages.

Most multi functional FM transmitters also act as a car mount for compatible mobile gadgets like GPS navigation systems, portable mp3 players, smart phones, etc… Car mounts are excellent car accessories as it provides convenience to the driver in viewing the mobile device mounted to it – as in the case of a GPS navigation system or during a video call / normal phone call.

Portable charger is another common function of multi functional FM transmitter. Needless to say, with this feature you don’ have to worry about any of your mobile road trip gadget to run out of power. The sample car road trip FM Transmitters on the right can be used as an iPhone FM Transmitter as well as compatible with other modern smart phones.

Lastly, it is wise to invest on a multi-function FM transmitter during a road trip because not all multi-function FM transmitters have a high price tag. You would be quite surprise that some are relatively inexpensive yet extremely durable, provides excellent sound quality, and seemingly compliments the interior of any vehicle to which it is mounted.


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