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An interesting journey

Updated on May 20, 2014

life in different countries - where's home?

This is my life in short.

Born in Romania, you grew up to love the culture, the food the city layout, the parks and your family and friends. You just don't know anything else, have no exposure; one good thing is you learn a lot in school: history, georaphy, by the time you finish high school you have the level of knowledge as if you had attended college in the United States.

I choose to take a one year English University classes.That was then. I got married, my husband wasn't much enclined to learn English. Then that life - there and then came to an end.

Traveling aboard we established ourselves in Austria, - Innsbruck, lovely city - full of attractions, ski resorts and so much more to explore.

I found myself in the position to learn German, to my surprise after 7 weeks class, we were in our own, and ready to make a living. We had the opportunity to visit Vienna and took note of all the old architectural design building and the reach culture, large city with beautiful parks, and lots of "Fests".

It's been close to 17 years since we arrived to the United States and life was quite interesting, challenging, full of struggles, surprises, great adventures.

We took the opportunity to visit about 45 states, not sure ,- but I have a hard time to remember which states I haven't been to.Having family visiting from overseas, - it gives you the drives to go visit the state you live in and beyond. Canada was just in the neighborhood, so we went from Madison, WI to Montreal by car and then to New York City, N.Y. and back home.

Then we decided it's time for us to take on vacationing abroad: great adventure! Europe is fascinating, I love photography and I am not as good at keeping a journal, next opportunity I will fully take on to my blog to record all these experiences. After going to Europe a few times, we took on and made it to New Zealand and Australia. Met friends we haven't seen in about 20 years. What an adventurous time! What a beautiful land! What an experience!

Pictures piled up quickly and when we made it back home, who had enough time to edit all and make albums, it was rather my task, at least I love to do that, but time is flying by unrealistically fast!

Jobs, if we talk about jobs, what a time,...started low with unskilled, inconsiderate low pay scale,...we made it; during a few years we worked hard and finally we both detained Government jobs.

In a short time, we became home owners, build the house of our dreams; shortly after the hotel business opportunity came our way - we moved to start "all over"!

In life you learn to go for the opportunity, so did we. We purchase our first business - Frank Lloyd Wright architectural design - a historic landmark, built in 1952, went under a designer make, great transformation.

The establisment it became the Greenest business in Spring Green, the only independent motel to be certified by Travel Green Wisconsin!

How to earn a green leaf!

the latest stop

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Fall at the Usonian Inn, the latest home!Winter wonderland in Spring Green WIThe 4th of July by the hotelsummer capture, flowers by the deckmore snow 2008 winter!street view of the business
Fall at the Usonian Inn, the latest home!
Fall at the Usonian Inn, the latest home!
Winter wonderland in Spring Green WI
Winter wonderland in Spring Green WI
The 4th of July by the hotel
The 4th of July by the hotel
summer capture, flowers by the deck
summer capture, flowers by the deck
more snow 2008 winter!
more snow 2008 winter!
street view of the business
street view of the business


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