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Another Mountain - Oh, No!

Updated on March 29, 2010

Jinhu Wetlands

Jinghu Wetlands
Jinghu Wetlands

Two days in a row?

So on Sunday we went to Hoshan and climbed the mountain with students, but this time I was going with other teachers, and wondering if I had the fortitude to climb mountains two days in a row, I inquired.  No, no mountain.  Ha!  Just walking.

The destination today was not far from the city of Shaoxing - in fact I could have walked from the final stop of number 136 bus!!  If I had know it was there!  But as the bus pulled into the parking bay I looked up and could see a mountain, albeit small, with a temple high on the top.  Oh, no!  They've duped me!

The park was beautiful - on a lake - which apparently opened in 2006, as a wetland area to help with the protection of an ibis or an egret.  No one seems sure, and I cannot read one word on the Chinese brochure!  Anyway we saw no birds at the park, save a few brave ducks.

It certainly was different - not commercialised like the day before at Hoshan, and when we arrived, there were few others.  It was peaceful, except for the beautiful traditional music that seemed to start up when we arrived.   We looked around for the musician but soon found the recorded music emanating from various bushes where the speakers were well hidden by the foliage.

We watched the boats - little tourist boats that took visitors on a round trip to somewhere - and the police boat was tied up at the viewing wharf.

The scenery was wonderful - very peaceful at that time of day.  we slowly meandered our way through the walkways - both stone and timber walkways at this place, and then we arrived at the foot of the mountain.  There was no place to go but up!!

My weary legs pushed on - up, up, up.  I'd pause and take some photos, but in time I was at the top.  It was not a high one, thankfully and the views were worth going up for.  But please not another mountain for a while.................

We continued our walk around the park, and soon it was lunch time.  Everyone made it to the bus, but luckily I went with the senior teacher and his family in his car to a restaurant near the lake, where an old dyke, apparently 2500 years old stretched out into the lake.

By now our numbers had swelled to around 50 and we found our way to the room where we all dined.  And out came the Shaoxing wine,and a few more "gunbei"s .  Great meal.

It was odd though as I was the only English speaker, although the "boss" did speak with me in English and so did his wife and son, but though I know some of the other teachers were English teachers they made no attempt to speak with me.  Luckily I am happy in my own skin.

After lunch we wandered around the complex taking more photos.  I did have a slight altercation with a Chinese man who wanted my camera.  Two of the other teachers (Korean speakers) could not understand what he wanted, except he wanted my camera.  I declined and quickly moved to another area.

A great day with heaps of photos.


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    • profile image

      Linda Jobson 7 years ago

      Wonderful photos Di, it's always great to read about your adventures!! Keep it up!! Have an awesome weekend.

    • gramarye profile image

      gramarye 7 years ago from Adelaide - Australia

      Awesome photos - must be really beautiful in real life! Great adventure.