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Appleseed Expeditions Offers Great School Trips to Costa Rica!

Updated on June 25, 2016

Education the Exciting Way!

School Trips to Costa Rica

Located in the heart of Central America and bordered by both the crystal clear Caribbean Sea and the immense Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is the chosen destination for many with a wandering heart and an adventurous spirit. Costa Rica’s landscape depicts an expansive mosaic of white coastal beaches and mountains, interspersed with vast tropical forests. Its pristine beaches, towering forest canopies, and effervescent culture make Costa Rica an unparalleled paradise. With all it has to offer, who wouldn’t want the chance to explore this enchanting oasis?

School trips to Costa Rica offer students the chance to experience Costa Rica’s diverse environment and distinguished culture first-hand. Appleseed Expeditions is a service-learning organization based in Grayton Beach, Florida, that provides students with the unique opportunity to travel to and discover the perfect beauty of Costa Rica. The intent of these school trips is to inspire students to learn more about the world, while employing their talents and skills to positively enhance the global community.

Appleseed Expeditions sponsored school trips to Costa Rica provide a broad, yet inclusive, exciting and educational experience for students. Activities include snorkeling off of Tortuga Island, hiking through the picturesque Elena Cloud Forest, zip lining in La Fortuna, tutoring and serving local school children, and volunteering with wildlife rehabilitation efforts at the ASIS Wildlife Refuge.

Tortuga Island

Tortuga Island’s idyllic, white sandy beaches are characteristic of a Caribbean haven. It is the perfect destination to kick back, relax, and soak up the sun. Opportunities await to not only stroll along the beach, but to dive into the rich marine ecosystem and discover the exquisite creatures residing just under the sparkling blue waves. School trips ensure students get the most out of their experience, encouraging adventure and excitement as they explore the beautiful ecology of Tortuga.

Elena Cloud Forest

The Elena Cloud Forest in Costa Rica provides a striking scene of lush, tropical plant life and lofty tree canopies. Receiving up to twelve feet of precipitation each year, the cloud forest is brilliantly diverse in its flora and fauna. A quiet walk through the cloud forest, listening to the native birds singing and the gentle wind rustling the leaves, can calm even the most restless of souls. Hanging bridges are scattered throughout the forest and suspended high above the natural ground. These hanging bridges offer everyone from biologists to nature lovers and students a different and broader perspective of the Elena Cloud Forest. From here, the abundant and vast array of vegetation consisting of mosses, ferns, and flowers is effortlessly visible and easily enjoyable.

La Fortuna

La Fortuna is a captivating small town in Costa Rica surrounded by enthralling geologic features including hot springs, waterfalls, and even a volcano. The diverse wildlife of sleepy sloths, colorful toucans, howler monkeys, spiny iguanas, and more adds to the charm of La Fortuna. Zip line tours allow for an incredible birds-eye view of the vibrantly green and forested area. With a hike and a zip line tour, students on school trips are provided the unique chance to uncover both the visible and the hidden treasures of this beautiful area.

Serving Local Schools

Schools in Costa Rica, like anywhere else in the world, exist to educate upcoming generations. Educational methodologies differ throughout the world, and to truly understand a culture, it is necessary to be immersed in it and to serve it. Service-learning is the most powerful aspect of the school trip experience to Costa Rica. Through tutoring and serving local school children, students can learn more about the civilization they are visiting. The opportunity to get to know, interact with, tutor, and read to local school children in Spanish, and contribute to facility construction and maintenance inspires students to positively impact the world and make a difference.

ASIS Wildlife Refuge

The ASIS Wildlife Rescue Center is an organization dedicated to environmental education to support community wildlife conservation projects. In conjunction with environmental education efforts, the center cares for rescue animals and ensures living areas are consistent with natural habitats. Daily care, food preparation, cleaning, and health evaluations are essential to rescue center operations. Volunteers are always needed and welcome to help at the rescue center, which offers ample service opportunities for students participating in school trips. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences provide educational and service benefits to encourage students to actively participate in programs that matter.

Appleseed Expeditions school trips are an incredible way for students to explore the world, including the spectacular country of Costa Rica. School trips to Costa Rica empower students to not only understand global cultures, but to use their education and talents to create constructive change in the world. Seize the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica on a school trip and let your travels impart renewed enthusiasm to your spirit. Use your experiences to become the positive change the world so desperately needs.

Tamarindo Costa Rica

Costa Rica Map with Cities

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Less than 100 miles from San José


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