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Aquariums, Marine Discovery Centres, Ocean & Reef Visitor Centres in Australia

Updated on November 16, 2016
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John has traveled extensively has developed 5 website guides for touring Australia & Worldwide. John has developed travelers tips & tricks.

There are a broad range of Marine Visitor Centres, Oceanariums, Aquariums, Ocean and Reef Tourist Information Discovery Centres and Freshwater Visitor Centres all around Australia.

These wonderful facilities showcase Australia's magnificent and exclusive aquatic life, that live in estuarine, marine and freshwater habitats. These fantastic amenities bring the intriguing undersea world to life in a way that you will not see and experience without the need for snorkeling or scuba diving equipment.

The reef and the underwater world are brought to you in an accessible way.

Make certain you include a visit to one of these places on your next journey to Australia. You can also design your visit to include visits to these facilities. Some of the most renowned tourist amenities in Australia are:

The Sydney Aquarium

This a must-see attraction when visiting Sydney, and it is easily accessible by bus, coach, monorail train, ferry and walking from the central business district. It is vey close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can walk under the sea through the artificial enclosed walk-ways and discover Australia's rich and varied aquatic life and habitats.

Coral Reef Aquarium

Reef HQ located in Townsville, on the tropical coast of North Queensland

This is the famous National Education Centre for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and was established to bring a section of the reef onto the shore to make it easier for tourists to see a coral reef and learn about its diverse life. Reef HQ is the world's biggest living coral reef in an aquarium facility and is a major tourist attraction in the Townsville region. The major feature is a two and a half million litre coral reef display tank that reproduces a natural reef ecosystem. There is a large tank full or marine predators such as stingrays, reef sharks, ocean turtles, Gropers, Humphead Maori Wrasse and Giant Trevally.

Tubes through Predator Tanks

Lots to See and Explore

Seahorse World

This is a truly unbelievable attraction established just 50 minutes north of Launceston at picturesque Beauty Point in Northern Tasmania. Seahorse World presents a large informative display for the entire family as well as being a research facility. Visitors can see a variety of beautiful species of seahorses on display and learn about their habitat, behaviour and life cycle. Visitors can also learn about the operation of the seahorse aquaculture farm and you can help with the feeding of the with seahorses.

Aquarium of Western Australia in Perth

Boasts stimulating exhibitions of the diverse and varied marine environments that occur in Western Australia. See the mangrove forest habitats from the tropical north and the granite coastlines of the southern regions. Enjoy the thrill of the Marine Touch Pool and all the activity of a feeding frenzy when the fish are fed. This is a wonderful place to visit on your next trip to Perth and Western Australia.

Oceanworld Manly

This wonderful facility is located right on the sandy harbourside, just 200m from the famous Manly Wharf. Oceanworld boasts a wonderful up-close and in-your-face encounter with Australia's astonishing marine life. There are fascinating interactive tours led by experienced and informative guides. The daily live shows showcase the marine life and the touch pools give you a first-hand experience to learn about marine animals and plants. You can watch the sharks and other dangerous marine life being hand-fed.

UnderWater World

The famous UnderWater World is located on Queensland's attractive Sunshine Coast, about 2 hours north of the Gold Coast and 1 hour north of Brisbane in Queensland. The 2.5 million-litre oceanarium is the place to see some of the ocean's most feared predators, including a range of sharks, monster rays, a scary Groper, and numerous species of pelagic fish.

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