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Are You Prepared for An Earthquake?

Updated on August 31, 2015

Are you prepared for the next Big One?

Are you prepared with supplies, reserves, and emergency equipment to withstand the next earthquake? The next earthquake, tsunami, tornado, hurricane, drought, flood, or other natural disaster may put you and your family in jeopardy. According to statistics, there are around 500,000 earthquakes annually. Of those, about 100,000 are actually felt. (Source: Wikipedia). The question as to when a big one might strike is not "if", but "when". The recent earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011 has resulted in a death toll of 10,000 plus and is still rising. Debris from the earthquake and the tsunami that followed has devastated the area in and surrounding Sendai. Water supplies, fuel, and other survival necessities are in great demand as locals sift through the broken and torn ruins of what used to be their homes, trying to make sense of it all.

In a disaster such as an earthquake, or a hurricane or any other unsuspecting rath of Mother Nature, it's important to be prepared. Emergency preparedness is critical and could mean the difference between life and death. Of course, there are things that are beyond our control. However, proactively plan an escape route, purchase a reserve supply of food and water, and provide a means to stay warm. Temporary food, clothing and shelter may not be readily available from outside sources for hours or even days.

Water Bottle - 5 Gallon
Water Bottle - 5 Gallon

Essential Supply #1 - Water

It's no surprise that the number one essential supply in any type of disaster is water. As humans, we need water to stay alive. According to the Red Cross, your supply should have one gallon of water per person per day. You should have a two week supply of water for your home, and/or a three day supply in case of evacuation.

An average person can go without food much longer than without water. A person can go almost two months without eating food, but having no water to drink could kill you in less than a week. Be prepared. Have water supplies available at home, at work, and in your car. You never know where you will be when a disaster may occur.

Essential Supply #2 - Food

Even though a person can go almost two months without food, you never want to try to beat the odds. Starvation due to lack of preparation is a terrible way to die. Plan ahead and make this happen. Purchase non-perishable, easy to prepare foods for you and other members of the family. Think about how you would prepare a meal if you were out camping in the wilderness and you forgot your ice cooler and your stove. Out in the woods there are no can openers, no refrigerators, no gas and no electricity. Buy food items that have a long shelf life, and rotate your food products out prior to the estimated shelf life date that should be stamped on the outer wrapper. Replace the product with a fresh, new package so your reserve will never go out of date.

If you have a good size pantry, reserve a section on the shelf for these extra food items. Include canned food high in fiber, dry foods, instant milk, wafers, crackers, and other items. Once again, rotate these items as needed so their shelf life doesn't go past the "use by" date. If you do have canned foods in your reserve, remember to keep a manual can opener handy. Place an extra one in this area, so it is readily available in an emergency situation.

Mountain House 72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit
Mountain House 72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit

Product Features

Ideal for emergency situations

Simple to prepare by adding water

Meals feature a seven-year shelf life

Meal kit includes three breakfasts, three side vegetables, and six 10-ounce packets of lunch and dinner entrees

Product Description

Ideal for keeping on hand in the event of emergencies, power failures, hurricanes, floods, and other unexpected events, this 72-hour Emergency Meal Kit from Mountain House provides hearty meals that are easy to prepare under challenging circumstances. The kit includes three breakfasts, three side vegetables, and six 10-ounce packets of lunch or dinner entrees. Featuring a seven-year shelf life, all of the meals can be easily prepared by adding water.

Kit Contents:

Granola with blueberries and milk

Scrambled eggs with Bacon

Scrambled eggs with ham and peppers

Garden green peas

Whole kernel corn

Cut green beans

Beef stroganoff

Chicken teriyaki

Chili mac with beef

Rice and chicken

Pasta primavera

Sweet and sour pork with rice


Other Essentials to Complete Your Supply List

In addition to water and food, here are other Red Cross recommended essentials:

  • Flashlight
  • Radio - Battery Powered or Hand Cranked
  • Extra Batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Medications (7 Day Supply) and medical items
  • Multi-purpose Tool
  • Sanitation and Personal Hygiene Items
  • Copies of Personal Documents
  • Cell Phone with Charges
  • Family and Emergency Contact Information
  • Extra Cash
  • Emergency Blanket
  • Maps of the Area

Preparing for the Worst at Home

Quakehold! Grab-n-Go Emergency Kit

Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit, 2-Person, 3-Day Backpack
Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit, 2-Person, 3-Day Backpack

From the Manufacturer

Each kit contains enough emergency supplies to sustain two people for three days, as recommended by the American Red Cross.

There's food, water and emergency blankets, plus a First Aid kit (33 piece), two 12-hour safety lightsticks, dust masks, nitrile gloves and an emergency whistle.

Each kit also contains emergency ponchos and pocket tissues.

The kit, in a handy backpack, can be stored at home, at school, and at the office.

Product Description

Because you never know when there will be an emergency situation, it's wise to always be prepared. To avoid being caught unprepared, make sure that you have the Grab 'n Go 3 Day Emergency Kit 2 Person Backpack on hand at home, at school and at the office.

Each kit contains enough emergency supplies to sustain two people for three days.

The three basic essentials, as recommended by the American Red Cross, are in every handy backpack.

Sustains two people for three days

Food, water, emergency blankets

First Aid kit (33 piece)

Safety lightsticks (2)

Handy backpack

Sustains two people for three days

Food, water, emergency blankets

First Aid kit (33 piece)

Safety lightsticks (2)

Handy backpack

Sustains two people for three days

Food, water, emergency blankets

First Aid kit (33 piece)

Safety lightsticks (2)

Handy backpack


What do you think? Are you prepared?

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    • Mother Nurture profile imageAUTHOR

      Angie G 

      7 years ago from HubPages America - Southern California

      Thank you agunter for your comment. I can't imagine what the devastation must have been like in the aftermath of Katrina. I was amazed by the photos in the media. In any event, it is wise to be prepared for any type of disaster.

    • agunter profile image


      7 years ago from Knoxville, TN

      Thank you for the wonderful article. I know all too well about mother nature and her wrath. I am from Louisiana and was in the National Guard when Hurricane Katrina hit. I can't stress the importance of being prepared enough! Wonderful job!

    • Jeannieinabottle profile image

      Jeannie InABottle 

      7 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      This is very helpful. As much as I don't like to think about disasters, it is important to be prepared.


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