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Areas Under the E1 Postcode

Updated on April 18, 2014


Named after one the gates in London city walls, Bishopsgate is found in the north east border of Central London. Only a part of the area is enclosed within the postcode E1. The place houses several charming restaurants and comfortable accommodation. The location of the ward indicates the prior existence of one of the main gates of the London walls built by the Romans. As the ward is located close to the financial district of London it is home to several commercial skyscrapers such as 99 Bishopgate and Heron Tower. It is a frequent visit among business travellers in London.


Located to the north of Bishopsgate ward is the Aldgate ward indicating the eastern gateway of the ancient London city wall. Aldgate is one of the commercially important places in London city as it is the home to several insurance firms and stock broking firms. Like Bishopgate, Aldgate too is an important place among business travellers. The Aldgate pump, the Saint Botolph’s Church and Petticoat Lane are the places of attraction found in Aldgate. Indian restaurants are very popular in this part of the city.


The streets of Shoreditch are a popular attraction among tourists. Shoreditch displays amazing street art that can be enjoyed by the young and old alike. Tourists often take a walking tour across the district to witness some of the world’s best expressions of art and culture. Other important landmarks of the region include the Shoreditch Church and the Tudor theatre. Only a part of the ward is included under the E1 postcode while the other part comes under the E2 postcode. Quaint shops with interesting street fashion accessories are another highlight of the area.


Stepney is one place in London which has not gone through much re-development after the different wars waged in the city. What makes Stepney an interesting place for tourists is its cultural flavour and its places of gastronomic treats. The Stepping Stones farm, The Malplaquet House and Saint Dunstan’s church are the other places of interest within the ward.


The area of Whitechapel is named after the Saint Mary Chapel which was once located here. The main attraction of Whitechapel is the Whitechapel Art Gallery. The gallery is home to an excellent collection of world class art pieces. The ward of Whitechapel which was once a major site of breweries and slaughterhouses is now a place of attractive restaurants and shops.


The markets of Spitalfields are a real treat to both tourists and Londoners. The area has several stalls for contemporary fashion, beautiful home decors and stylish jewellery. The wide range of restaurants and pubs in the area make the place a perfect shopping getaway. Its closeness to the Commercial street is another advantage of shopping in Spitalfields. The Saturday Style market, the Spitalfields Traders Market and number of free community events make the place an attraction among tourists.

Mile End

Victorian terraced homes, students from different ethnicities and a buzzing marketplace set the ambience of Mile End. Mile End gets its name from its location along the historic limits of London city. Major tourist attractions of the area include the Ragged School Museum, the Chisenhale Gallery, the Greedy Cow restaurant and the country’s second oldest cemetery.

Brick Lane

Brick Lane Street in East London is about 450 years old. Tourists visit Brick Lane for its famous Indian restaurants and the Sunday markets. These retro markets offer delicious food, fresh fruit and vegetables, vintage clothes and souvenirs. The Sunday markets offer great music and budget friendly stalls. Take a walking tour along the streets of this cultural melting pot and taste the real essence of a relaxing holiday.


Home to the “Church of Sea Captains”, Shadwell is steeped in rich history. Primarily a residential area, Shadwell is not an indispensable part of tourist agendas. This area which was once a slum has now undergone major redevelopment plans and stands today as a pleasant home to several Londoners. Along the Saint Katharine’s dock the place offers some decent restaurants and entertainment venues.


Portsoken is located very close to Aldgate and is one of the oldest districts in Central London. The district is a major residential area and offers some entertainment venues for the tourists. Enjoy some good opera at the Wilton’s music hall and join your friends for some drinks at the Mahogany Bar.

Author Bio:

Carin Robert is a webmaster of Exclusive Airports and specializes in writing about various cities and towns in the United Kingdom. Explore the districts of the E1 postcode in London by hiring a taxi with and enjoy the latent beauty of this old English city.


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