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Asparagus Road

Updated on August 8, 2012

This is my story about me; I have really wanted to do this for so long! I am finally stepping out of my shell and taking the leap. For my biography I wanted to name my book Asparagus Road because, when I was a little girl we used to go out for drives and pick the wild asparagus. I loved that. I want you all to know that these pages labeled Asparagus road will only be available until I get them finished for my book so, you don’t have to buy one, but once it is finished then I will move on to another book ;). This my big plan, I will still be writing for Hub pages all along, too.

A Special Christmas

The sun is shining on my face its a beautiful morning, the air was cool and the dew was still on the lush green grass, I tip toed outside in my pajamas and a heavy coat, I look out with a glaze over my eyes, since it is on Christmas morning and I am up at the crack of dawn. I put my hands to my face and almost faint, Oh, oh my! Its a horse, big real live horse! I said (not knowing it was actually a donkey). I had been begging My mom and dad for a horse for two years, Mom can I have a horse? Every answer was no no NO, It was Christmas morning and my wish had finally come true! My dad picked me up and set me on the "horse". awww hEEE! It jolted me at first, I looked at mom with a questioned look and dad explained that he was a donkey, and that I could sit on him and ride him bareback and he wouldn't run off. I leaned down and touched my cheek to his soft fur coat and gave him a big hug. He was mine forever. The huge smile on my face told Mom and Dad all, a wave of emotion rushed over them, they had picked the perfect present , for Mindy Jo.


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