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A tour to Nagoa beach in Diu

Updated on May 21, 2018
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‘Veraval Express’ in October is exactly a ‘Fire train’ as it is a very hot time in North India. For getting some breeze I have gone near to the door of the train, but in their also a queue. Some people put wet towels on their body to escape from heat. Then the train entered to the Konkan tunnels. While reaching the ‘Rathnagiri station’ the entire culture changed to Guajarati, a few people took Vadapa and masala tea. They are enjoying food without listening to others.

As a festival of sound the train reached Allahabad station. Half of the compartment becomes empty. After 20 minutes break train slowly starts moving through the dry desert places, in between cotton fields are coming and going. Finally the train stopped its long journey at Veraval Station. At that time only two peoples remained in my compartment.

As my earlier decision, I decided to go to Nagoa beach situated in Diu almost 90 km from the station. I took one old ambassador car, which is the only taxi available at that time. While this journey to Diu the car never crossed 40km/hr speed! Finally I reached at Nagoa beach.

Nagoa beach, one of the most beautiful and silent beaches in India. Nagoa beach is in the Buchanvada village of Diu. Gujaratis will come to here for getting some fresh air. One side of the beach we can see a lot of Seagulls and at other side tourists are enjoying the beauty of the semi circled beach. The main thing that we can see in here is ‘Hoko trees’. Lovers come and share their love at the shades of these trees.

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Did You Know?

  • Hoka and Rukhada trees of African orgin grown in this horse shaped Nagoa beach.
  • One must do swimming, boating,sailing and water skiing.
  • The primary attractions of Nagoa beach are the churches of St.Frances of Assisi, St.Paul's church and St. Thomas museum.
  • Additionally one can visit Pani kotha,INS Khukri memorial,and sea shell museum.

hoka trees
hoka trees

The Top 10 Things to Do around Nagoa Beach

  1. Shell Museum -1.5km away from the beach
  2. Taking pictures under Hoka trees-1.3 Km from the beach
  3. A visit to Gangeshwar Temple- 4.8 km from the beach
  4. Visiting Naida caves-6.8 Km
  5. INS Khukery and Ghogla beach
  6. Diu Fort and St.Paul's Church
  7. Dinosaur park and Jallandar beach
  8. Vanakbara and Chakratirthbeach
  9. Fortim-do-Mar
  10. St.Thomas Church

Route Map

airport diu:
Diu Airport (DIU), Daman and Diu 362570, India

get directions

Nagoya beach,diu:
Nagoa Beach, Daman and Diu

get directions

Place of Hoko fruit

Route Map

Diu, Daman and Diu, India

get directions

Union territory of India

Nagoya beach,Diu,india:
Nagoa Beach, Daman and Diu

get directions

Place of Hoko fruit

Diu Airport (DIU), Daman and Diu 362570, India

get directions


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