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Atrocity - Part-1

Updated on October 14, 2012

AGS Navalur - New BUZZ for all IT companies around Navalur. Hardly 15 minutes from office, this place gives the "BUNK" hormone a jerk! Though it is opened for quite some months now, never had the opportunity to watch a movie in this theater.

Today was the day, last and final day of me watching a movie in that theater, I am sure! As is the habit now, we booked tickets online, a week in advance. The ticket cost was 250 rupees (inclusive of food - 120 ticket + 130 food), there was no option of just paying for the ticket! We wanted to watch this latest Suriya movie and so booked it over there. Another reason was the urge from my "BUNK" hormone!

The show started 15 minutes late and in the intermission we went to collect our so called "FOOD", there were tokens issued on which "COKE & POPCORN" was written. In the counter we saw other people redeeming their tokens. Small popcorn worth 50 rupees and small coke can worth 20 rupees, 130 rupees coupon worth only 70 rupees!

My Blood Pressure increased. I asked the man in the counter to give me food items worth 130. The guy refused and leave alone refusing, he was arrogant and impolite. I asked him to call the Manager, and alas, you are right, the manager is out of that place, in Sholinganallur!

I did not stop there, raised my voice and did not allow that counter to operate. People around me slowly realized what was happening and I got some 7-10 people voice my concern. Now, alas, you are right again, the Manager was there in 5 minutes!

I raised the issue to the Manager and he was fully drunk, I suppose. He asked his subordinate to give us BIG popcorn and BIG coke (which I suppose is what that needs to be given to everyone who has the 130 rupees token). The subordinate went to the counter to get us the FOOD! The crowd that had joined the cause, including me, wanted a refund. The Manager asked the guy to refund!

I was pretty shocked to know that none except me, was ready to question this utter atrocity! Unless, someone fights, such things keep happening, and our hard earned money goes waste somewhere or the other.

After the show, when we were coming out of the theater, people kept looking at me, I felt proud! Proud that I got back the hard earned money (now, don ask me, if I really hard earned it, that's a different topic to be discussed!).


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