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Attractions in Hawaii for Kids

Updated on August 18, 2012

Going to the Beach with your Kids in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands contain many beautiful beaches. Many of them are covered in fine, white sand and many are fun for all ages. When you take your children to the beach in Hawaii, think of fun activities you can do there like build a sand castle, go fishing, learn to surf, or just wade in the water.

If you are going with young children to a beach, make sure to bring lots of sunscreen. Many people don't realize that Hawaii is much closer to the equator than the rest of the United States and don't think that it is necessary to reapply sunscreen every couple hours. Be sure to read the label of the protective lotion you buy and make sure to reapply for young children with fair skin.


Learn to Surf with your Kids in Hawaii

Surfing is a fun water sport that is easy to learn. If you visit Hawaii, you will have plenty of opportunities to take classes to learn how to surf. Surfing was invented in Hawaii and is still one of the most popular activities for the young and the old.

If you take a lesson, you will probably start on the sand and learn how to properly get up on the board before you are pushed into a wave, so don't be afraid. The best thing about surfing is that if you need to jump off the board in the middle of a ride, you have nothing to hurt yourself on when you land.

Check with your hotel or resort to see if they offer lessons or can direct you to the right place.


Fishing with your Kids in Hawaii

Fishing is a fun activity that is a great bonding experience for you and your children. The benefits of fishing in Hawaii include the fact that you do not need a permit. You can simply buy, rent or borrow fishing gear from your hotel and cast out right from the shore. If you want to catch the bigger fish, you will need to get out on a boat, but fishing from the shore is never a problem.

The best fishing spots are ones with a lot of rocks and coral in the water, so look for a beach that has a lot of lava rock on shore to be sure there are fish to catch.

Swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii

At some hotels, they have dolphin ponds that allow you to swim with the dolphins. (You can even kiss one if you learn how to!) Other resorts and beaches offer tours where you are taken out into the ocean to swim with them.


Take Hula Lessons with your Kids in Hawaii

If you want to learn one of the more traditional, Hawaiian rituals, take some hula lessons with your children. Hula is a form of Hawaiian dance that was performed in Ancient Hawaii during large feasts. Many hotels and tourist attractions include hula lessons, where you can learn how to move your hips the way they did back in the day.

Camping with your Kids in Hawaii

Camping is very easy and fun in Hawaii. With many campgrounds, you can choose to stay in the rain forest, near an active volcano, or right on a sandy beach. Wherever you choose to camp, know that you may need a permit and some essentials like a tent, some blankets, and some food or fishing gear.

Some campgrounds require a permit, so be sure to check the Hawaii County's website for more information or permit request forms.

Hiking with your Kids in Hawaii

Hiking with your kids on the Hawaiian Islands is easy, fun, and inexpensive. With a number of amazing, geological destinations, you and your children will never be bored while exploring the scenic spots of the islands. One of the most popular hiking spots in Hawaii is Waipi'o Valley, which is known for its cameo in Jurassic Park. The beautiful valley is a sight to see and children love to visit for the adventure.


Seeing the Volcanoes in Hawaii with your Kids

The volcanoes on the Big Island and Maui are beautiful sites to see. You can watch hot lava flow feet away from you, hike up to the top of an extinct volcano and watch the sunrise, or go up to the top of Mauna Kea and look at the stars through one of the many telescopes there. Whatever you do, the volcanoes are a great place to spend time with your kids and learn more about how our planet and universe function.


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