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How to book hotel room online. Traps and Benefits

Updated on April 7, 2015

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How we know that reservation has been confirmed?

Usually customers receive via email the booking confirmation of reservation. If confirmation is delaying more than couple hours it would be wise to contact hotel directly and confirm our reservation via phone.

What is included in a price that is paid for reservation?

When booking we need to pay attention what is included in price. What is stated in reservation policy (breakfast?.. taxes?.. .).

if something is not stated in the policy of reservation, it means an extra cost will (...might be % taxes or extra charge for breakfast).

Is there any more rules? How can I know about rules when each hotel provides its own?

When booking make sure that reservation describes in detail every rule/policy of booking .

a. We need to pay careful attention to the rules of cancellation prior arrival.

b. Is there any partial refund or full refund in case of non show. Almost all reservations are non refund in case of non show.

Payments when booking online

You can pay for your reservation upon arrival in hotel using cash or credit card.

Credit cards are usually used when booking online as a form of guarantee. Reservations with non refund policy might be charged when making a reservation, as guarantee in case of non show.

There are also 'full prepaid reservations' , such reservations are non refund and your credit card will be charged upon reservation.

Can I book a reservation without using a credit card, not feeling comfortable using credit card online ?

If you do not want to use your card you will have to make a reservation via phone. Many hotels are accepting credit cards via phone, some of them actually can provide you with their iban address and you can transfer money directly online or make deposit from your bank.

What should we have during our arrival at hotel?

Would be great if you could have with you the confirmation email you received after you book the hotel. You can print in and cary it with you when checking in. Or at least you can have the actual confirmation number.

Don't forget your ID.

How can I modify a reservation?

If modification of reservation is allowed and mentioned in TERMS OF RESERVATION it can be made from the same site you booked the reservation or directly by calling the hotel.

If its non refund reservation you cannot cancel it or modify it. That's why reading carefully reservation policy is necessary. Some reservations are semi non refund, usually it means that you can modify but you can't cancel, keep in mind when modifying your reservation, and particularly changing check in and out dates, the price of your reservation might be different. Usually you're informed either online or via phone and email.


When booking sometimes we see some codes, how can they be interpreted.

RO: ROOM ONLY (Room Only).

BB: BED BREAKFAST (includes breakfast)

HB: HALF BOARD (includes half board).

FB: FULL BOARD (includes full board).

ALL INCLUSIVE (includes all facilities)

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What about my personal information that is entered during the booking?

Your personal data safely transported directly from the web to hotel's reservation system.

Hotels certainly do not keep your credit cards after your check out .

What if I need an invoice instead of receipt?

Invoice will be issued during your check out. But you need to state it during the reservation or upon your arrival to hotel. Its preferable to include it in booking reservation, especially if there is no refund policy.

Do I need to create an account when booking online.

When booking directly via hotel's site, usually you do not need to create an account unless you want to (it can be useful if you are a returning client) . If booking via online travel agencies in most case you need to create an account.

Can I book a reservation for today ?

Yes you can, but you need to pay attention and only be sure if you receive reservation confirmation. I would suggest for last minute booking you better prefer phone reservation method.

Can I make reservation for any country and city?

You can make reservation anywhere as far as the area got at least one hotel and it can be found via booking system you want to use.

Be careful when making reservations on detailed area information. There are many places in the world that have same names. For example (Athens-Greece ... Athens-USA, Georgia-country... Georgia state in USA)


When finally, you're are about to make a reservation, please verify, that there is a correct city you are booking because during exhibition periods many booking sites are suggesting hotels in nearby cities a well.

What if I want double room with separated beds

Usually when booking, in room description, there is always a choice for one double bed or two single beds.

May I make triple room reservation for a kid with me?

Yes you can if hotel has triple rooms.

Im looking for specific hotel in hotel search engine of booking site but i can't find it.

You always can contact the booking site personel via email or phone, so they can help you to locate hotel you're looking for.

When booking online can I look for specific area for hotels? (downtown, exhibition place)

Yes of course, many sites are providing that choice. You can write down the street adress or the area of city you are interested in booking (ex.. city centre..)

Can I choose superior class hotels?

Yes there are few categories, usually recognized by star system (1 to 5) stars.



Can I look for hotels by price?

Yes you can.

Which are types of rooms?

Single: For single use

Double: Room with one double bed

Twin: Room with two beds

With shower: With shower.

With bath: With bath

With shared shower / bath: The bathroom is shared with other guests of hotel (usually in low-cost hotels)

What if I need to check in or check out later?

All rooms are usually booked for check out at 12.00 and check in at 13.00. But you can state your wish in reception of hotel and usually if there is an availability your wish will be granted (with an extra charge) you can ask the amount before your request.

For your online reservations I recommend booking via


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