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Yakshagane Dance Video.

Updated on February 23, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Yakshagana Dance.


The Brands of Bangalore,Allen Solly & Peter England,Art of Living,Biocon,BPL,BEL,Britannia,Canara Bank,Cafe Coffee Day,Deccan Air,Ganjam,Grover's Wines,Himalaya,HMT,HAL,Infosys,Janagraha,King fisher,Khodays,Mindtree,MTR Foods,Mysore Sandal soap,Sunfeast,Silk,TataTea,Titan & Tanishq,Vijaya Bank,Wipro and may be there are others in the pipeline.These are the Brands that make us Bangalorens very proud.We the Bangalorens are traditional and trendy in different locations but mix in one place.It may be hills or plains,it may be a weekend or picnic but we sure can converse in national or English language and sister states tamil,telugu or Malayalam with anyone who wishes to greet us anywhere,anyplace and anytime but it has to be family to family most of the time.Where do we meet,it may be Nandhi Hills,Bangalore Palace,MTR Resturent,Cubbon Park,Commercial Street,MG Road,Brigade Road,Lalbagh,Samepige Road,Gandhi Bazar and the Malls at Koromangala.Where ever you walk you feel the complete surrounding friendly,pick pockets have disappeared to take up more safer trade.The crowed is young and lit with happy faces.This is another Brand of Bangalore.There are other brands like Khoday's Rum xxx a permanent stock in Army canteens.Grover Wines grown in the grape gardens and made stocked in all 5 star Hotels.Capt.Gopinath's Deccan Air was born in Bangalore.King Fisher every where as Bottled Drinking water to Pub's stocked with Beer.The Royal Silk at Bangalore Palace designed by the Royal Prince of Mysore State,who has kept a show room in the Bangalore Palace.The shirts made in Bangalore by Madura Coats under their Brand name Allen Solly and Peter England.Titan Wrist Watches,to go with Tanishq Branded jewellery.Ganjam known for Diamonds.Biscuits and Bread by Britannia.Sunfeast born in Bangalore.MTR with ready to eat packaged mouth watering recipes just put it in boiling water and eat,dinner in jiffy at home or few packs on your picnic.Mysore Sandal soap with its special natural fragrance.The Cafe Coffee Day in every special places.The Indian Coffee Shop a 70 year old or more with their filter coffee and Masala Dosa.Jago Re ad which woke up us to voting.To take the visitor to century old tradition at Janagraha or to attend a course on Art of Living the giant now having embraced millions is Bangalore born.Mrs Kiran Mzumdar Shaw a Bangaloren who single handed took Bio tech from Bangalore to Global platform.Mr.Narayan Murthy and Mr.Nandan Nilekini known the world over for creating the giant Infosys.Now a 24 x 7 only private company in India to have over 100 strong CIRF commondos protecting on the campus to it's workforce.Fashion Shows,Quizzing,Utsav's,Food World,BiG Bazar now a place for young and old are the Brand Bangalore now,going along with all the others.What more The President of United States of America Mr.Obama has used Bangalore to make a point to the world at large on several instances.

Finally we the Bangalorens are art and music lovers also.The Band Stand was a Music Center till 1960's our politicians do not want us to dance to the lively music at the Band Stand but to their tunes so it is standing in the dark for criminals to have their plans drawn for the next night.

The Good news on art is the newly found Temple of Art the local Land Mark The National Gallery of Modern Art housed in the 90 year old colonial style Manikyavelu Mansion on palace road the quit spot a icon of appreciation of history and culture for the future generation well preserved.

Come stay in Bangalore there is room for all from Rs.100 to 1,00,000 per day.The city has a charm and many places less charming as seen in the picture where the film industry,people and the film distributors have used the city for their gain and our loss of cleanlyness required.

A open Toilet used for Dogs anywhere by dog lovers
A open Toilet used for Dogs anywhere by dog lovers
Cinema posters pasted at midnight on vacant site compounds.
Cinema posters pasted at midnight on vacant site compounds.
Main Road used as work shop for fabricating steel items.
Main Road used as work shop for fabricating steel items.
Garbage from slums dumped on places where there is no asker.
Garbage from slums dumped on places where there is no asker.


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