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Bangkok Boutique Hotels Reviews

Updated on November 6, 2010
Navalai River Resort - A popular boutique hotel by the Chao Phraya River and Khao San Road
Navalai River Resort - A popular boutique hotel by the Chao Phraya River and Khao San Road

Bangkok Boutique Hotels

Traveling to Bangkok offers visitors a wide variety of hotel options. From budget to luxury and anything in between you are almost sure to find a hotel that fits your budget and style. And most will be shocked to know that Bangkok's luxury hotels are very affordable.

But the real true gem are the boutique style hotels that have been opening up overnight all over the city.

What is a boutique hotel in Bangkok?

In general any hotel that is deemed "Boutique" are small properties with an emphasis on personal, yet unobtrusive service and hospitality. And since these hotels are smaller in overall size, you will get very friendly service. Most are in the budget category thus very affordable and offer some of the best quality rooms for the price you pay. And most of these hotels include a free breakfast buffet with the room rate.

Most boutique hotels that have opened up recently are located in popular areas in Bangkok. Some are in the well known backpackers quarter of Khao San Road and many more are situated right in the heart of Bangkok, close to shopping centers and infamous nightlife establishments.

The real benefits in my opinion on staying at a boutique hotel is that they are newer. Which means that the room's are not "well worn" as years go by and as guests come and go. And since these hotels are smaller in size you won't have to worry about dealing with large tour groups that hog up all the space.

A Few Popular Recommended Boutique Hotels in Bangkok

It's true that you can find a really rates for luxury hotels in Bangkok. But why spend extra money when you can get a really nice hotel at an affordable price. Below are some names of popular boutique style hotels in the city that are:

  • Close to Bangkok's easy to use train systems
  • Shopping Malls
  • Popular Attractions
  • Excellent Thai restaurants (and Western ones too)
  • Nightlife
  • Places for family activities (movies, bowling, ice skating and even an aquarium)

Baiyoke Boutique Hotel

This hotel is located right in Pratunam district - an area where you can shop to your hearts content for anything that you can wear on your body. Pratunam market is a huge stretch of land crammed full of small stalls and mini malls as far as the eye can see with t-shirts, jeans, dresses, shoes, you name it.

Sure it's a real crowded area full of tourist and local Thais. And vehicle traffic in Pratunam is horrendous. Luckily staying at the Baiyoke Boutique Hotel is a real oasis from the masses and noise.

Rooms at the Baiyoke are decent in size, with 2 choices of room types, either: Deluxe or Suite, deluxe being the cheaper of course. As of writing a room cost 1000 baht per night, with no breakfast included. Which isn't such a big deal considering food is not a problem at all to find around the hotel.

Salil Hotel Bangkok

The Salil Hotel is located down a quiet lane on Sukhumvit Road Soi 8. Sukhumvit Road is a popular avenue heavily visited by tourists and lived in by expats. It's where you will find many shops, restaurants and businesses catering to foreigners. The Salil is also close to 2 red light districts called Nana and Soi Cowboy.

But this doesn't necessarily mean that the Salil Hotel is in a bad neighborhood. Though there are certain aspects of Bangkok's naughty nightlife present it is certainly not noticeable if you plan on staying there. It is quite a way far down Soi 8, though the good news is that they offer a free tuk tuk ride that can drop you off at Sukhumvit road. From there you can quite easily get to the BTS Sky Train as well as shop and eat around Sukhumvit.

This is a Thai style colonial fashioned property with rooms that give off a classic European feel. Yet the flat screen televisions provide a bit of modern comfort. But there's no elevators in this 4 story building so you may take that into consideration if you have mobility issues.

There are 2 room choices at the Salil: superior or deluxe. As of writing a superior room cost 1450 baht per night, breakfast not included, provided you book a minimum of 2 nights.

Siam Heritage Boutique Hotel

The Siam Heritage Boutique Hotel is a classic Thai style property in the heart of Bangkok's commercial business district which is simply called the Silom district. By day Silom is a bustling small metropolis with workers rushing to their office cubicles. By night Silom makes turns into one of the seediest backdrops called Patpong red light district.

But don't worry. Patpong is just safe as its' counterparts (just mind your wallets and handbags, pickpocketing is still a concern). There is even a popular night market right on the streets of Patpong 1 - sandwiched in between rows upon rows of go go bars, sex show establishments,clubs and beer bars. It's a popular place to pick up souvenirs and pirated merchandise of all name brands, whether it be clothes or movies.

It's in a prime location, close to trains, massage parlors, and a large variety of food options and certainly no shortage of things to see in the area.

Siam Heritage Boutique Hotel is quite an oasis away from the sights and sounds of Patpong - which is literally steps away from the hotel's door steps. The rooms are modern but has a very good traditional Thai touch

There are 4 room types at the Siam Heritage with superior rooms being the most affordable at 2000 baht per night (at time of writing), a promotional rate which includes breakfast.

More helpful tips

Currently many hotels in Bangkok have really reduced their room rates despite the current high season. So it's a really good time to visit Bangkok from now to late March - which is considered the cool season with less rain. You can read about more hotel choices at Best Bangkok Boutique Hotels.

Tips for saving money on hotels in Bangkok

Normally you can get really good deals on hotels in Bangkok, regardless how much you are able to spend. But during the slow season which is from April to early October you will be able to save even more money and find that a lot hotels are offering discounts. The only trade off is that between April and early October, Thailand is at its hottest and wettest.

But recently since all of the political problems and negative attention Bangkok has been receiving lately has seriously put a dent in the city's tourism industry - mainly hotels. As a result many hotels have reduced their room rates furthermore. So at the peak high season hotels are still offering attractive room rates.

However, the real inside secret for snagging yourself better hotel room rates is to book through a licensed hotel reservation agency that is based in Bangkok. For example - a popular online travel guide affiliated with a popular hotel booking agency with offices Bangkok.

And if you find yourself needing a room quickly in Bangkok visit Not only can they provide discounted room rates for Bangkok hotels they can also give you instant confirmation, which is perfect if you need a room fast. I also made an Review hub if you're interested in reading more about their services.

And since both companies are headquartered in Bangkok they are able to receive announcements from hotels regarding discounted room rates first hand.


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