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Barong & Kris Dance in Bali Indonesia, A famous play not to be missed

Updated on May 5, 2014

Indonesia are very rich in its culture especially Bali. Barong & Kris Dance is a traditional dance play in Indonesia - Bali. If you happened to be here. Do not missed the chance to get immerse in the Indonesia culture.


The dance Start with music overtone.

In the forest, everywhere seems quiet and peaceful. Then at one corner of the forest, Barong the mythological animal appeared. He moved happily around the forest before decided to settle down to rest. Then, his friend- the monkey turned up and started teasing Barong in his peaceful sleep. But Barong did not buldge. Not long, three masked man appeared and they started to attack the monkey. The monkey struggles against the three masked man. It was then Barong awake and the fight ended with Barong chasing the three men away.

First Act

Rangda, the mythological monster has demanded from the Human Tribe to offer her a person to be sacrifice in return for their tribe safety. The tribe has verbally accepted the offered such that they can enjoyed their peaceful life as usual. However, till now, they have yet to send in any sacrifice. Rangda was fume at the outcome and ordered his servants (represented by two girl dancers) to check up on the tribe. The servants then went into the tribe where they saw the servants of Dewi Kunti – mother of Sahadewa whom will be sacrifice to Rangda. After following them for a while, the servants of Rangda realized that the servants of Dewi Kunti are on their way to meet the tribe leader Patih.

Second Act

Hours had passed and yet the two servants of Dewi Kunti had not made any progress in their journey to meet Patih. They are enjoying their time while on their journey to meet Patih. One of the servants of the Rangda got impatient and changes into a witch and enter into one of the servant to make him angry with the other servant. The angry servant then started to argued with the other servant. Due to the argument, they give up on their enjoyment and proceed to meet Patih. After meeting Patih, they told Patih to go with them to meet Dewi Kunti to discuss on the sacrifice issue.

Third Act

Putih, together with Dewi Kunti two servants arrived at Dewi Kunti’s house. Dewi Kunti had promised to Rangda that she will sacrifice Sahadewa in return for the peace in the tribe. However, Dewi Kunti could not bear to see his son off to death.Rangda’s servant then turned into a witch and enters into Dewi Kunti. She becomes angry and tells the Patih to bring Sahadewa into the forest to be sacrifice. The Patih however could not bear this process too and started to persuade Dewi not to do so. Then the second servants of Rangda also turned into a witch and entered into Putih so he does not have pity on Sahadewa. Sahadewa is then taken into a forest and tied up on tree.

Fourth Act

Unknown by Rangda, God Siwa appears and gives Sahadewa immortality. Then Rangda appears, ready to kill Sahadewa and eats him up. However, she was not able to do so as Sahadewa has obtained immortality. They then fought and in the end, Rangda surrender and asks Sahadewa to redeem her soul, Sahadewa agrees and kills Rangda. The Rangda soul then goes to heaven.

Fifth Act

One of the Servants of the Rangda called kalika who then comes up before Sahadewa and asks him to redeem her too. However,Sahadewa refuses as he could only redeem people who truely repent on their wrong doings. Kalika gets angry and changes into a boar and fights Sahadewa. But was easily defeated by Sahadewa. Engulf in anger, She did not give up and then changes into a bird but was once again defeated by Sahadewa. Out of hatred, she sold her soul to the evil and changes into Rangda. This form proved to be a much more powerful form then her previous master. Therefore, Sahadewa could no kill her. In such circumstances, Sahadewa meditates and turn himself into a Barong. Still the Rangda seems to be too powerful and the fight is unending. Followers of Barong appear and help him to fight the Rangda. Rangda then cast a spell on his followers to make them kill themselves with their weapon. Barong then outwits Rangda and cast another spell on his followers making them immune to any weapons damaged. The play then ended with his formidable followers killing Rangda.

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    • AlvinTay profile image

      Alvin Tay Kong Wei 4 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks Jasonycc. Yeah first time to the play and it seem fantastic enough for me :) Just that they speak in Bahasa indonesia which i merely understand a bit of it.

    • jasonycc profile image

      jasonycc 4 years ago from South East Asia

      I have seen this twice in Bali. It's a must do when visiting Bali. Very interesting characters and I enjoyed it. Kudos to you for dividing them into Acts for easy understanding.