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Bayou Corne, LA is Falling into the "Great Louisiana" Sinkhole

Updated on August 5, 2013

Sinkhole Tank

Sinkhole Tank Southeast of the San Francisco Mountains.
Sinkhole Tank Southeast of the San Francisco Mountains. | Source

Bayou Corne, LA

A markerBayou Corne, LA -
Bayou Corne, LA, USA
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Bayou Corne, LA sinkhole

Bayou Corne, LA 22-acre sinkhole
Bayou Corne, LA 22-acre sinkhole | Source

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If you were a resident of Bayou Corne, LA, would you file a lawsuit or take a buyout from Texas Brine Co.?

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Bayou Corne, LA

Bayou Corne, LA has seen better days.

Located 70 miles west of New Orleans, this small community of 350 residents has been evacuated after oil and natural gas began to leak into the swampland.

Many angry residents are blaming Texas Brine Co. for the collapse of an underground salt dome cavern, causing a massive sinkhole. The sinkhole was first discovered August 3, 2013, and spans across an estimated 22-acres.

The Texas Brine Co. is attempting to buy the land of residents that were being evacuated as a form of compensation for the loss of land. Those residents that have filed lawsuits against Texas Brine Co. are not included in the buyout. 44 of the 92 residents offered buyouts have accepted to be paid for their land.

Most residents are accepting the fact that Bayou Corne, LA will simply not be called "home" anymore, and that it's time to move on.

Dubbed the "Great Louisiana Sinkhole"

The Bayou Corne sinkhole has been also referred to as the Great Louisiana Sinkhole. Some people are attributing this sinkhole to the greed of the Texas Brine Co., saying that they are following in the footsteps of the BP oil spill, where resources are extracted without proper safety precautions being taken to ensure that the environment is not harmed.

Methane has been verified to be bubbling at the surface of the sinkhole, and a butane well nearby is in harm's way.

What Was the Texas Brine Co. Doing?

Companies like the Texas Brine Co. drill on the outside of the salt dome to create caverns. These caverns are then used to extract brine -- an important resource used in the refining of petrochemicals.

In the case of the Bayou Corne sinkhole, officials have determined that the Texas Brine Co. mined too close to the edge of the Napoleon Salt Dome, and the side wall of the dome collapsed, triggering the formation of the massive sinkhole in Bayou Corne, LA.

The Texas Brine Co. was initially fined $260,000.00 for its slow response to contain the site with a "containment berm" around the sinkhole and for not installing air monitoring devices in homes.

There is no question that the Texas Brine Co. is at fault for the "Great Louisiana Sinkhole" and unfortunately this company only fits the current stereotype that resource extracting companies are willing to cut corners to make a quick profit.

This is sadly yet another case where there are innocent victims at the hands of a greedy corporation.

A flyover of Bayou Corne, LA


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